Free traffic

Free traffic.

Yes 3 free traffic strategies and sources that will generate plenty of quality traffic for you is what I will reveal to you in this blog post.

Not all free traffic may be of high quality but the traffic sources that I will tell you about now really is. They will produce results if you apply them and put in the necesary work. It takes time and effort to make free traffic resources to so to say pay off, so you need to be patient and consistent.  Feel free to check out the video below about these 3 free traffic sources.



The free traffic sources and strategies that I am talking about in the video above is also called organic traffic. You generate this organic traffic by sharing value with your audience consistently. That value can for instance be shared through blog posts, videos, on social media and in articles. In your content you can motivate people and make them have that much needed positive mindset in order to succeed. It can also involve solutions to what people are struggling with in their marketing efforts.

The 2 powerful free traffic sources that I will rewveal to you in this blog post are;

  • Writing blog posts
  • Recording videos
  • Creating Instagram reels


Blog posts and videos

As for any marketing strategy you are using, to get results from blogging you need to be really powerful. But to make it powerful you need to use the same keyword for both your blog posts as well as your videos,. Then you need to embed the secific video in those blog posts. Why? Because when you have shared both the video and the blog post all across as many social sites as possible, the different content will help one another out. The vide will help the blog post to rank better in the search results, and vice versa.. You also needto optimize the videos and the blog posts.


Free traffic
Free traffic


So let us talk about the videos.

You need to choose a category and choose different tags for your videos. Tags are like search terms, so when people are making a search for one of your search terms they may find you video. Then in best case they may click the link in the video description and buy from you. It is important that you enter your chosen keywords among the tags. Youtube will alsu suggest that you could be adding.


Now to the subject line of your videos. Enter your keywords at the begiinning of your subject line/title. You could have 2 words before your keywords if it is a must to make the title sound and look better. To make your video title even stronger when it comes to search engine optimization, you could also add your keywords at the end of your video title. When choosing keywords, always choose keywords with a low competition level as those are easier to rank for. To do the keyword research you could use Google adwords free keyword tool or Ubersuggest. Because you must always perform aearch before creating any content. Choose keywords with at least 1000 monthly searches.

You also need to check the box in editing mode for your videos that says that your videos includes promotions. If you do not do that your entire Youtube channel could be in jeopardy. You might be warned or they may shut down your Youtube chjannel. I also choose the setting that says that it is not for kids.


Your blog content

The lenght of your blog content is important. Write at least 1000 words in each blog post. Then you have to include your keywords multiple times in your content. I am using a free wordpress plugin that helps me with having a good over view about keyword density and more. So I can recommend this free WordPress plugin, it is called Smartcrawl. It will check on your meta description of your blog post to see if it has the proper lenght. It will also check if you have the most needed back links and if your blog post title has the proper lenght. and so on.You should backlink to several of your previous blog post that you have written about the same subject, this benefits your search engine optimization for your content. What I have mentioned earlier about video titles and the keyword placements also goes for when writing titles for your blog posts. Try to enter your keywords at the beginning of your blog post title. And to make it stronger when it comes to Seo; put it in the end of the title as well.


Free traffic
Free traffic


When choosing a blog type

If you ca not fford to pay for a blog then use a free one. But I strongly recommend that you invest in a WordPress blog with hosting and your own branded domain name. That way you will have more control over your blog. Choose a domain name that is easy to remember and that is not to long. Your domain name can include something about the niche you are working with or your name. This is good for branding because the more they see your name the more people will remember it.


Free traffic
Free traffic


Instagram reels

Using Instagram reels is another effective way of generating a lot of free traffic. Instagram reels are short videos that can get a lot of views fast depending on what hashtags you are using.  Your time is limired when making those reels so make sure to think through what you are going to share in your reels. You can only do one Instagram reel per day, but if you lose the thread when recording then just delete the reel and start over. I believe every online marketer should use Instagram reels to build their list and income. Every reel should not include a pitch, make sureto also share value every now and then. In your bio, make sure you have some text that awakens the visitors curiousity and include a link to a capture page. This so that you can build your list of potential buyers and promote time and time again to that list.




All free traffic may not be of good quality but the examples of free traffic that I have been blogging about in this post really is. If you apply what I have been sharing here I believe that you soon will be generating more leads into your business But to make that happen you need to put in the necesay work and be consistent with your content creation and not giving up.. When blogging make sure to invest in a WordPress blog with hosting and your own domain name, it is really worth it. Because you will have more control over your blog then in comparison with having a free blog on a platform that might shut down.

Are you using any free traffic methods already?Did you find vale by reading this blog post`Feel free to leave a comment.


Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.

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