4 in 1 personalized mini funnel review

4 in 1 personalized mini funnel review

I guess you have heard it kmany times already the importance of having a big or at lwast resoinsive email list, as online marketers. Because when having a list you have a group of potential buyers that you can email when ever you want. You can make money without a list but then making money online becomes more difficult. Because with a list you can share multiple offers time and time again with your subscribers.How ever, today a product was launched that is said to make list buildingt and making money from a list much easier then before. The list building  product is called 4 in 1 personalized micro funnel. The guy nehind this product goes by the name of Neill MacKenzie.

In this  4 in 1 personalized micro funnel review, I will reveal everything you need to know about this product.

Feel free to check ou my 4 in 1 personalized micro funnel review video below.



Check out 4 in 1 personalized mini funnel here



This product have been launched earlier but there still is something new with this version of the propduct. Because now you can claim white label rights and so to say own the product. But the you need to invest in that particvular upgrade. I mention all about it in my 4 in 1 personalized micro funnel review  video above.


4 in 1 personalized mini funnel review
4 in 1 personalized mini funnel review

What do you get access to?

You do no need any software to install and no coding required anybody without technical skill can have the entire funnel and the rebrander pdf included set up and running in under 1 hour.

Here is what you ca get your hands on;

  • personalized top-quality 2-Part Lead Magnet comprising a List Building mind-map and 12-page Resources PDF
  • personalized Squeeze Page
  • personalized ‘Thank You ‘ page that automatically redirects to any affiliate offer
  • personalized sequence of seven daily emails

No installation is required so works well on Windows and Mac computers. These features are great if you are a beginner with affiliate marketing, but it can also be valuable if you are a more experioenced marketer. This because the product can make your business building easier.


4 in 1 personalized micro funnel review
4 in 1 personalized micro funnel review



When it comes to the meat and potatoes of this product I must say that it is a quality product. Neill may sometimes mumble a bit in the videos but he is still sharing easy instructions to follow. You could always re watch theb video if there is something you totally could not grasp. So yes, I can really recommend this product. Thank you for checking out this review.

The bonuses

These are the bonuses that you will get access to instantly when buying the front end offer of this product;

  • How to write emails that sells $ 98 value
  • Buyers List Ninja. How to build a big buyers list fast $ 67 value
  • How to easily get approved to promote affiliate products'even if you have never made any sales $ 87 value



Grab 4 in 1 funnel and the bonuses here


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