Hubspot has a lot of features that business owners can benefit from.

If you have a business webpage then having a live chat on it can be really beneficial.In this Hubspot tutorial I will share with you how to add a live chat to your webpage using Hubspot. I also did a video tutorial on this topic that you can check out below.


But Why?

Do you really need to have a live chat on your website? Isn't it enough to have your products and offers set up there? Why would you want to have a live chat on your website? Because with a liveĀ  chat feature on your site you can get in contact with your potential buyers and answer any question that may have rapidly. Now this is really good for your customer relations. It may also help you make more sales for your business. So yes, having a live chat is very powerful. Know, like and trust is something that is very important to have in business. And helping your website visitors when they have question will help you create that trust between you and your potential buyers. This web chat you can easily set up with Hubspot.




Get started fast

I am using Influx Plus to install my Hubspot live chat, and as you can see in the video it is not that diffcult to do. It also does not take very long to setĀ  the live chat up either. Now you can use Hubspot and install a webs char option on other platforms as well of course.

Business hours and more

Follow the steps in the Hubspot tutorial video and you can easily set up your business hours. You can choose to be available 24/ or set up particular hours when you are available. You can edit the color of your live chat and more. If you should not be pleased with how your live chat looks when you have finished the set up, then you can easily start over follow the steps in my video, and setting it up again.



The Hubspot app

Remember to download the Hubspot app to your cell phone. Because when you have downloaded the Hubspot app you get notified through that app each time someone is sending you a message through your live chat. This makes it so, that where ever you are you can quickly respond to your potential customers. And your potential customers will appreciate you getting back to them quickly. This is great for your business because they may start to like you and trust by having a great customer care. And yes, this can lead to more sales for you. You can use Hubspot for free, there are optional upgrades but you can use it totally for free if you want to..


So if you do not have a live chat on your website then I recommend that you consider it, it could help you build your business further. This because you can turn these prospects into paying customers. And we want a steady flow of customers, right? I believe that those websites with a live chat has the upper hand in comparison to websites and businesses that do not have this set up on their sites. And like I have explained earlier in this post, you can easily set up your own web chat using Hubspot. Have you learned something new by reading this blog post? If you have any questions or feedback then feel free to leave your comments below.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.

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