Affiliate marketing for beginners 2022


Affiliate marketing for beginners 2022. Affiliate marketing is a great method of making money online, but before you have enough skill set to make sales it can sometimes feel a bit difficult when first starting out. That is why we all must be willing to keep learning, so that we can get better  and better at what we are doing. I want to share some tips now on affiliate marketing for beginners 2022. It involves a free strategy.  I recorded this video tutorial about this yesterday, so feel free to check it out below.



The  affiliate marketing for beginners 2022 strategy I am about to go into is not something you will see results from over night, You might have to wait for weeks or even month before seeing any results. But if you stay consistent and follow my advice then over time you will see results. Consistency is so very important when we talk about becoming successful with anything you will be focusing on.


That one website

The website we will use in this affiliate marketing strategy is called Quora. You can create a free account at this website to get started. Once you have  created your free account, then make sure to fill in all the details in your profile. This will make your profile look serious and professional. Quora is a site where people ask questions about pretty much everything, but what we will be focusing on  with this strategy is to answer questions.



Affiliate marketing for beginners 2022
Affiliate marketing for beginners 2022


Giving the right type of answer

Go to the search bar on top of Quora and search for questions within the niche you are working in. For instance  affiliate marketing. Then several examples of questions will appear.  Click ona question that you want to answer that you believe you can give a good answer to. Click on answer and start to write that answer of yours. One important thing to remember is that you NEVER should write a short answer. Write as long of an answer that you possibly can and share as much value as possible. You should write long answers because then people will see that you really have put in the effort to provide  a really good answer to that specific question. It has also to do with search engine optimization. The content on Quora ranks well at Google, and the longer the content the better it will rank in the search results. This leads to more eyeballs/exposure to the questions you are answering which can lead to sign ups for you


Affiliate marketing for beginners 2022
Affiliate marketing for beginners 2022

About the sign ups

Now how do you get sign ups from Quora? Well sometimes you can put a link to for instance a capture page or product at the end of your answer. But do not do that too often. Because Quora doesn't like links that much. Another way tpo get sign ups is to write something interesting in your profile, at your bio s ection. Write something about what you can help people with or something like that. Yo can also enter a link in your bio. So you can build your liust this way or just share a link to a product. But I really recommend that you build your list and using a capture page.



This free affiliate marketing strategy works if you put in the work. Because at Quora you can find so called big names like Neil Patel for instance. He is also answering questions to brand himself and to make sales. If you would like a easy to follow affiliate marketing training that focuses on free strategies then click here now.


Sincerely, Tommy Olsson

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