Affiliate marketing tips

Affiliate marketing tips.

Today I want to share some Affiliate marketing tips for beginners with you.

Affiliate marketing is regarded as a good way for any beginner that wants to make money online. Affiliate marketing is said to be easy, but that does not mean that you will be making money over night.  This type of marketing is beneficial because you do not need your own product to promote. You can simply promote someone elses product. Many vendors also allows you to sign up as an affiliate for free. It will take hard work and determination to have big success with affiliate marketing. And also, you need to be really consistent to seee any results. Below you can watch a video that I have recorded with my affiliate marketing tips with different free ways of making money with affiliate marketing.



Not my intention

I do not mean to scare you off from starting with affiliate marketing, I just want to be truthful and honest abouit it in todays blog post with affiliate marketing tips.. Yes affiliate marketing can bring you a good or even great income. But many affiliate marketers are also struggling. But yes, affiliate marketing can work for you if you keep at it and learn more about it to build up your skillset. Mindset is also important if you want to succeed with affiliate marketing or anything you are fosusing on. Sp read books daily, books that inspires you or teaches you something. Or watch motivational videos foor instance on Youtube. Or listen to motivational audios, at least do something to build up your positive mindset. Peoplke are failing and one reason for that is because they do not have the right mindset, and they have not maintained it like they should.


Affiliate marketing tips
Affiliate marketing tips

Affiliate marketing and free options

If you have a limited budget and do not want to spend money to make money from your marketing then here follows free methods to generate traffic and sales.

  • Blogging
  • Video marketing
  • Sharing value on social media
  • Forum marketing


Blogging is a good free way of generate traffic and helping you make self as well as branding you as an expert in your niche. And you really need to pick a niche. Because you can't blog about anything or everything. That way you will not look professional. Invest in a domain name with your own hosting . Make the domain name so that is branded towards your name or the niche you are working with. Blogging is a free method that works but it takes time to build up an audience. So it takes hard work beforegetting results from your blogging. You need to be consistent and do not give up if it takes a while before you get any results. Share a lot of value with your audience and from time to time you can share links to products or services that you recommend. You can for instance  create a review blog for different products, online businesses and services.


Affiliate marketing tips
Affiliate marketing tips


Video marketing

Another free strategy is to make videos and upload them to video platforms such as Youtube and other platform. There are several platforms that you can sign up for free at and start uploading videos to.Share value about different things that you think people wants to know more about. You can do reviews about tools and other things about online marketing. Then leave a call to action in your videos top make your viewers click a link to a capture page for instance. When uploading videos make sure to follow the guidelines and rules of Youtube for instance. You will also see those in the settings you need to set up when uplooading a video to Youtube. Make sure to mention in your videos from time to time that people are welcome to subscribe to your channel to receive similar content later on. Make sure to share your videos on as many social sites as possible. This will make more people watch it but it is also good for search engine opimization. You can also improve your videos search engine optimization by embedding it in a blog post.


Sharing value on social media

You can generate leads  and make sales for free on different social sites  such as Facebook. Share value in differenr ways on your Facebook wall. Write the content in a story manor. Write about things that will inspire and motivate people. Every now and then you can make a post about what you are promoting. Then you can motivate people in your post to comment below the post to get more information about your prodfucts or business opportunity. Rmember thata your content needs to be 80% value and 20% about the products you promote. Remember to like and comment your Facebook friends content as well before publishing your post, this way you get more exposure to your own content. It has to do with the Facebook algorhytm.


Affiliate marketing tips
Affiliate marketing tips


Forum marketing

There are plenty of marketing forums online where you can create a free account with. The forum that I recommend is Warriorforum. It is one of the most well known and popular forums online.I have left a book mark on the video above about how to build a list with Warriorforum for free. What it is about is that you answrer questions and give value to people in the forum. You will set up a signature with a link to a capture page. Now this link will appear inb every answer/ post that you will make. Give as much value as possible in your answers to stand out from the so called crowd. I have recorded a video about this as well and you can find a link to it at the video above. This free methods also requires that you are consistent. At least answer 3 question every day at Warriorforum. Over time I am sure that you will be generating free leads this way. But you need  to stay at it and do not expect too much too soon. Many marketers are using this strategy.



Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing to begin with when wanting to make money online. It is good also for more experienced affiliate marketers as well of course. But do not expect to get rich over night. It will take time , focus ,determination and consistency to succeed. And a will to never ever give up. But yes, affiliate marketing can generate a good income for you over time. Affiliate marketing has this benefit that you do not need your own product to promote, you can promote  someone elses product by becoming a free affiliate. But you need to have a desire to learn more and more about marketing to make affiliate marketing  work for you. We all must consinue to learn to enjoy more success. You need a mentor also that can tell you what to do and what not to do to make money online. Because you need someone on youre side that knows more about marketing then you. Someone that already have gone through ups and downs in their journey. That way they can educate you so that you do not make the mistake that they have made. Because we can not manage and reach our full potential all by our selves. Feel free to leave your feedback to this post with affiliate marketing tips.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson

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