What is ecommerce and how can you easily get started with it?

What is ecommerce?

Yes, what is ecommerce and how can a beginner easily get started with ecommerce? That is what I will explain in this blog post. Because it does not have to be diffcult to get started with ecommerce even as a total beginner.

You can if you want to also watch the video to learn about how to get started with ecommerce and get answers to the question, what is ecommerce.. You will also see that creating a great ecommerce website fast is possible even for beginners and it is easy as well.



Not pricy

If you are worrying about the cost of setting up a ecommerce website or store, then you do not have to worry. Because you can get started for just $6.95 a month. And then you get a 14 day free trial as well. The step to be setting up your ecommerce store are easy. You just go to the site, choose a template, choosae what package you want to buy, then go to the next step.


What is ecommerce

What is ecommerce


Is it here to stay?

Some people hav said that ecommerce is the future, but is it true? Is ecommerce here to stay? E-commerce is unquestionably here to stay. The development and influence of ecommerce have been impressive during the last few decades. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular because of its convenience, accessibility, and the variety of products that are offered.

E-commerce is said to continue growing in the future for a number of reasons, those reasons are:

Peoples behavior: With more consumers choosing to buy products online, shopping habits have drastically changed. Convenience, time savings, comparison shopping, and access to plenty of products world wide are some of the reasons for this development. The tendency is probably going to continue as internet usage and digital literacy are rising globally.

Technological developments: The growth of e-commerce has been made possible by developments, particularly in the fields of mobile devices, safe payment methods, and how the products get delivered.. These developments have improved the overall convenience and dependability of internet shopping. The ecommerce scene is anticipated to improve even more with future breakthroughs like  virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.

E-commerce has made it easier for companies to do business across borders and has given them access to a larger market. Because of the internet’s ability to cross borders, small and medium-sized businesses can now compete on a worldwide scale, expanding their market reach and possibility for expansion.

Changing retail environment: Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have adopted internet channels to supplement their physical storefronts as they have also realized the importance of ecommerce. To adapt to changing consumer tastes, several well-known firms have created solid online platforms and omnichannel marketing plans. The future of retail will continue to be shaped by the blending of online and offline purchasing experiences.

Impact of COVID-19: The COVID-19 epidemic increased the level of online shopping. People attempted to meet their demands from the safety of their homes during lockdowns which resulted in an increase in online buying. While the epidemic has acted as a catalyst, the fundamental forces fostering the expansion of ecommerce were already in place and will continue to do so.

While there will always be a need for traditional retail, e-commerce is predicted to continue growing .


What is ecommerce

What is ecommerce


Good strategies to help you make money from an ecommerce store

There are several effective ways to make money from an ecommerce store. Here are some of the most popular strategies:

Selling physical products: This is the most straightforward and common approach. You can source or create products to sell through your ecommerce store. This can involve selling your own branded merchandise, reselling products from wholesalers or manufacturers, or utilizing dropshipping, where you partner with suppliers who handle order fulfillment.

Subscription-based models: Implementing a subscription model can provide a recurring revenue stream. You can offer subscription boxes, memberships, or access to exclusive content or services. This approach encourages customer loyalty and helps generate predictable income.

Products that can be sold digitally instead of physically include e-books, online courses, software, templates, music, and artwork. Digital goods have low production and delivery costs and can be produced once and sold again.Affiliate marketing: With affiliate marketing, you may make money by advertising and offering for sale goods made by other businesses on your online store. By signing up for affiliate programs, you can get paid a commission on any purchases made using your referral links. With this strategy, you may capitalize on current goods and brands without having to deal with inventory or fulfillment.

Dropshipping: As was already said, dropshipping entails working with vendors who manage inventory and shipment. When someoner places an order, the supplier can transport the ordered goods directly to the customer once you open an online store, advertise, and sell things there. Your profit is determined by the price difference between the supplier and the selling price in your store.Advertising and sponsorships: You can monetize your e-commerce store through advertising or sponsored content if it receives a lot of traffic from a specific audience. You can partner with sponsors for sponsored content, product placements, or influencer marketing, or you can simply display advertisements on your website.By recommending similar  products to customers throughout the checkout process or on product pages, you can increase your average order value.

This tactic encourages customers to make larger purchases, increasing your revenue. White-labeling and private labeling allow you to create your own items rather than reselling those from other brands. This entails designing or manufacturing products with your branding to help you stand out from the competition and possibly generate larger profits.

It’s important to remember that the success of these methods depends on a number of things, including customer satisfaction, market demand, competition, and product quality. To increase your chances of success, I recommend that you thoroughly research and plan your ecommerce business, taking into account your target market, the competitive landscape, and your offers.


What is ecommerce

What is ecommerce


Well, now I hope that you think that I have given some good answers to the question “what is ecommerce“. Setting up your first Ecommerce website does not have to be difficult or time consuming. Not if you are using that platform that I have written about in this blog post. Because you do not need to have any knowledge about coding what so ever. It is easy to build and edit pages with Influxpro because it has an easy to use drag and drop feature. There are easy to follow video tutorials on everything you need to know at the site of Influxplus. If you get stuck simple contact support.

Do you already have an ecommerce website set up? Or are thinking about setting one up in the future? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.


Step by step We got friends tutorial

We got friends

I have blogged about We got friends earlier when it was in pre launch, and now this business has launched and gone live.

We got frtiends is a business that can help people to launch a complete business for less then $100. The founder of this business is a guy by the name of David Dubbs. In this We got friends tutorial I will reveal everything you need to know about this new business. I will tell you about the products , the comnpansation plan and much more. Below you can watch my We got friends tutorial video.



The products

The products that you will get your hands on as an upgraded member are as follows.

  • 100 leads per month
  • An Ecommerce store where you can sell other types of leads.
  • The link in bio tool
  • Get big discounts from our travel club
  • Make and save money from our Cash bacj club
  • Top notch coaching

About these products, you will not earn commissions if your referals order anything in our travel club, but you will be able to receive huge discounts on hotels and travels.

The link ijn nbio tool. With this tool you can have like a downline builder visual to your We got friends down linne and on other places on the internet. You can post libks to whart you are promoting and those links will appear on a landing page with your personal photo on it. So make sure that you upload your photo as it is great for branding. So that people can see who you are and so on.


We got friends

We got friends


Purpose of leads

Keads are one of the products in this business. It is said that leads is a must have for every business, but why is that`Let me explain…Leads are potential clients who have expressed interest in the products or services of an online business. Leads are people or businesses who have shown interest in or interaction with the company in some way, either by supplying their contact information or by doing a specific action, like signing up for a newsletter, downloading a free resource, or submitting an enquiry.

Here are some explanations for why online firms require leads:

Leads are the lifeblood of sales and the generating of income. Businesses have the chance to convert leads into actual customers, creating sales and money, by capturing leads and nurturing them via the sales funnel. So that is why building a list is crucial for any business.

Leads are a key factor when it comes to building a business. Businesses may develop their client base, gain more market share, and ultimately expand their operations by continuously producing and turning leads into customers.

Leads can also be used as a source of insightful feedback and market research. Businesses may improve their products, services, and marketing tactics by connecting with leads and learning more about their requirements, preferences, and problem points.


Get the entire picture of We got friends here.



The compensation plan

Earn Commissions From Team Effort after the first order is paid out in
Fast Start, each additional order is paid in the Twin Turbo Dual Team structure.

The Dual Team Pays 20%

$12 Per 60bv – 60bv

On your right and left teams


As your team grows, you can receive Twin Turbo Dual Team commissions from not only those
sales you have personally referred but from the purchases of the people they and others have
referred as well. “Twin Turbo Dual Team” means two; simply having two teams, a left team and
a right team built from you and your team who add new IC sales. Earn $12 (20%) for each
Active Qualified IC sale on your lesser team. These commissions are paid weekly* with a
$25,000 cap.

How To Qualify:
You must have at least one personally referred wholesale Active Qualified sale on your left
team and at least one on your right team. You earn $12 for each 60 BV-generated sales
volume on your left and right teams. With no flushing, all unused volume carries over to the
following week until it is paid out.

IC’s are required to have a minimum of 3 Diamond Starter Pkg sales, one of which can be
your own purchase. IC’s must maintain one (1) Active Qualified personal WGF Lead Store
Retail Customer each month. This requirement must be attained within a 60-day grace
period. All Commissions are subject to each IC reaching the requirements.


Matching bonus

We Got Friends ICs can earn an additional 7% Matching Bonus. A 5% matching bonus is
paid on the sales volume of all personally sponsored paid members. A 2% matching bonus is paid
on the sales volume of all 2nd generation ICs in your personal sponsorship tree. This
matching bonus is generated from all 1st and 2nd generation WGF IC Twin Turbo Dual
Team Commissions in your personal sponsorship tree.



My honest opinion is that members get a lot of business building tools and asserts with We got friends. The compensation plan is very good as well. And it costs less then $100 to get a complete online business. For $89 dollars you get access to all that I have mentioned in this We got friends tutorial. I believe this is a good business to get involved with for both newbies and more experienced marketers. Because if you are a beginner or for any other reasons you do not have a list, then this is a business where you can build that list pretty fast.

What are your opions onm We got friends? Are you already a member? How do you generate your leads?

Feel free to lerave your comments below.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

Google trends and generating free traffic

Google trends and generating free traffic and more.

Have you heard about Google trends and do you know what it is all about?

Anyhow Google trends is most beneficial when it comes to content creation and keyword research. Let me explain further…

Google Trends is a web-based tool that enables users to investigate and find out the popularity of search terms and subjects. It offers information about the relative popularity and volume of searches for particular terms or subjects on Google’s search engine. Users may compare and analyze the popularity of different  keywords, detect geographical interest, and spot trending themes using Google Trends, which displays the data as interactive graphs and charts.

The tool has a number of functions and capabilities, such as:

Users can compare the number of searches for various terms or subjects to get a sense of their relative popularity

  1. Time frame Selection: It allows users to specify a specific time range to analyze trends, such as the past hour, day, week, month, or even years.
  2. Geographic Insights: Google Trends provides data on regional interest, allowing users to explore the popularity of search terms across different countries, cities, or regions.
  3. Related Queries and Topics: The tool displays related queries and topics that are frequently searched along with the selected term, helping users identify related trends and interests.
  4. Real-Time Data: Google Trends provides near real-time data, offering insights into the latest trends and search patterns. You can also find out the trennds during a long time back in time as well.

Market research, content development, topic identification, gauging public interest in particular topics, and search engine optimization (SEO) strategy optimization are just a few of the uses for Google Trends. For people, companies, marketers, journalists, and researchers, it is a useful tool for learning about search behavior and user interests ll around the world. You can learn more about using Google trends by wathcing my video below.



Keyword research

Although you can find great keywords with Google trends, there are some things that you need to know if you are planning to use free traffic startegies to rank your content. You can use free keyword tools such as googles adwords or Uber suggest. When you choose keywords for your content using free traffic you should always choose keywords with a low competition level, because those keywords are easier to rank for then If you choose keywords with medium to high competitiuon level. Make sure that the monthly search voume for your keywords are 100k-10K. If you are willing to sepnd some money on your SEo well then of course you can buy ppc ads to rank for medium or high commpetition keywords. But if you onlye are going to use free traffic then I recommend that you follow the advice I just shared with you.

Another thing about finding the best keywords is that you may want to check out the sub categories for your inquery, research if any of you sunb bategories will work better for you when it comes to tanking then your man category. You can of sourse do several searches with different keywords to find that perfect keyword for your content


Google trends

Google trends


Search area /countries

You can choose  what  country you want results from with Google trends. If you are promoting something that is only available in your contry then you can do searches for your country. But if it is a product that you can promote globally then I would recommend that you search for results from the USA. Why? Because many people from the US are buying things online and are willing to spend money basically. The reasons for the fact that americans buys a lot online can vary. It can be because they want to check out reviews and recommendations: . Consumers can use this knowledge to make wise decisions about if they want to purchase the item or not. Other things that makes people decide if they want to buy an item or not is shared experiences and recommendations via social media and online forums.



Google trends

Google trends


Price Comparison Made Simple: Online businesses make it simple for customers to compare costs. They may rapidly browse through several websites that sell the same item and select the one that gives the greatest price.

People from other countries also buys online, but it is a known fact that people from The Us generally are willing to spend money buying things online. Canada for instance is also one of those countries and maybe New Zealand..



Yes Google trends is very useful regarding research for many types of professions and that includes online marketers. This because you can discover what people are searching for the most online, and with this knowledge you can use this information when you are planning your content creation. Although you can find great keywords and sub categories for the main key words, you should always perform a keyword research. This because you want to find the very best keywords to rank for. And as I have mentioned earlier in this post; if you are going to use only free traffic then there is some things you need to think about. That is to always choose keywords witha low competition level. But also make sure that the montly searches for those keywords are at least 1K.  Search for keywords that has between 1K- 10K monthly searches.

If you have money tto spend then you can of course use ppc campaigns and ads to rank for the medium and high competition keywords, But do not try to rank for them using free traffic. That will be way too difficult.

Are you using Google trends right now for keyword research and when creating new content? Feel free to drop a comment below.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson

Chat Gpt And Avoiding Getting Penalized By Google

Chat gpt and blogging

I guess noone has missed all the talk about Chat gpt and Ai these days.

A lot of products have been created recently that are based on AI and Chat Gpt. But if you are nott really sure what Chat Gpt is all about then let me explain… ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI. It stands for “Chat-based GPT” and is part of the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) family of models. ChatGPT is designed to generate human-like text responses and engage in conversational interactions with users. It has been trained on a wide range of internet text data to understand and generate coherent responses in natural language.

This bot can help marketers and others with a variety of activities as an AI language model, including answering queries, giving explanations, producing text, writing essays, summarizing data, making suggestions, conversing, and more.


Chat gpt

Chat gpt


With Chat gpt you can create a lot of different content and make your marketing easier in different ways and saving you some time. But when it comes to blogging and creating blog content with Chat gpt there is some important things that you need to know. I will explain what these things are in this blog post. Feel free to also check out the tutorial video below on this subject.



What is the problem?

So what is the issue with using Chat gpt and creating blog content with this bot? Chat gpt is a great resource when you are lacking creativity in your blogging and also when it comes to saving time. But you should not just copy and paste in the content that Chat gpt provides you with into a blog post. First there is an importannt thing that you must do with that content as I am revealing in the video above. You need to edit and tweak the text that this AI bot provides you with otherwise Google may so to say punish you when it comes to Seo. Punish how? Well, Google will notice if your content is created by a bot ,this leads to Google not ranking your blog content. The purpose of having a blog is to get e xposure to what ever you are blogging about. And if you get penalized by Google that is not going to happen. Then you are pretty much blogging for nothing.


Chat gpt

Chat gpt


Editing your content

You can edit and change your content manually so to say, but to save time I recommend that you use this Quillbot. It re writes the text you put in on the site and quite fastThen you just have to copy the generated re witten text and paste it into your blog post. . The Quillbotifs free to use but to access more features you can decide to upgrade. But you can manage by using it totally for free as well. you can do different things with this Quioll bot and you can check it out for yourself on this bots website.


By the way, here is a free training by a 7 figure earner.



If feel like you are avery creative person all the time and do not feel the need of this type of ai bot, or if you refuse to use this type of technology  then Chat Gpt may not be that valuable to you. But otherwise it is like a gold mine for online marketers.Artificial intelligence (AI)  csn help you with many things and tasks within our marketing. This AI bot can help with a variety of activities as an AI language model, including answering queries, giving explanations, producing text, writing essays, summarizing data, making suggestions, conversing, and more.

However, we need to so to say put in the human tocuh  into the content that Chat Gpt are creating for us. When it comes to creating blogpost with Chat Gpt you need to edit the text generateted to be able to make your content Search engine optimization friendly. Otherwise it will be like as you are blogging for nothing.

Because if you do not edit your text that this AI bot generates for you then you will probably get penalized by Google. Then Google will not rank your blogs content, and we do not want that to happen.

Because we wants our blogs content to be found and seen by as many people as possible. Therefor we of course want Google and other search engines to rank our new fresh content. Especially if you are using free organinc traffic to get maximal exposure for your content, then thisd is very important. So do not just copy and paste the Ai genearated text that you recive and post it on your blog, because you simply must edit it first. I recommend that you use a service like the Quillbot to change your text into more human like created content. This way Google will not penalize you from using a bot to create your blog content.

Are you blogging? Are you using AI and Chat Gpt to create blöog content more rapidly? Does it work well for you? Feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you for taking time to read this blog post.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

How to create an online store quickly

How to start an online store quickly

Maybe you are having doubts about the possibility with creating a online store quickly, but it is very possible and real. You can see proof of that in my video tutorial as well. With the platform that I am using in this video about how to create an online store, you do not need any knowledge about coding or any previous experience regarding creating websites.

But first I thought  that I should go into what ecommerce really is, in case you are not sure about that.

Ecommerce, short for electronic commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods and services over the internet. It involves online transactions where businesses and consumers interact electronically rather than in a physical brick-and-mortar store.

Ecommerce includes a wide range of activities, including online retail stores, digital marketplaces, online auctions, business-to-business (B2B) transactions, and more. It allows marketers and  businesses to reach a global audience and makes it so that consumers to shop conveniently from anywhere at any time using various devices such as computers, smartphones, or tablets.

The global e-commerce market has experienced significant growth over the years, and numerous businesses of all sizes have established online stores to cater to the growing demand. This includes large retailers, small and medium-sized enterprises, individual entrepreneurs, and niche market sellers. Many people have started getting involved with ecommerce, even those people that are total beginners with running online stores.

It’s worth mentioning that online stores can be created on various platforms, such as dedicated e-commerce platforms (e.g., Shopify, WooCommerce), online marketplaces (e.g., Amazon, eBay), or as an extension of existing brick-and-mortar stores.

It is safe to say that there are millions of online stores worldwide across different industries, selling a wide range of products and services. of options offered by ecommerce have made it a popular and rapidly expanding industry worldwide.

But now back to how to create an online store quickly with Influx plus, check out the video below and I will also explain everything about it some more in this blog post.



Your steps

As you can see in the video above the steps on how to create an online store are simple….

  • Visit the website and choose a webpage design that you want to be using.
  • Choose the package that best suites you and your marketing needs
  • Then start editing your new website.

You will build your website by using Divi builder and/or Elementor. They are very easy to use, they have drag and drop features. You are able to create any website that you would like to have.  A ecommerce store where you use drop shipping for instance. Build a website to present and brand yourself as a expert in your niche, and build your list while doing sso. You can also get new clients to a existing business. Yes like I just mentioned, you can build any website that you want. You can edit and tweak your website in any way that you want. Even if you do not find a website theme that you are 100% satiesfied with, choose a theme and then change to having it look as anyyway you want it to look. There are plenty of niches to choose from as well such as;


  • Jewelry
  • Coffee shop
  • Car rentals
  • Cbd store
  • Cosmetic store
  • Design agency
  • Online store
  • Brand ambassadoe


You can easily ad a domain name to your new website, and you can buy that within inside Influx entrepreneur.


What needs to be edited

When it comes to how to create a online store, one of the things that need your attention and that needs to be edited is the payment buttons. You need to connect some sort of payment service to be able to make money from what you are selling. Wether it is your own products or someone elses. You can easily connenct woopcommerce to your website and there are easy to follow instructions on everything you need to know about setting up your site, through the many video tutorials shared on this platform.


How to create an online store

How to create an online store


The cost

Right now there is this very valuable offer that means that you can get started setting up your professional webiste for just $6.98 a month through a free 14 day trial.. But if you sare looking to take the next step and get access to more resources annnd be able to create more websites then you might want to consider to upgrade to another package. Every serious marketer and business partner needs a website, a professional looking website and now you can create one at a low price.


How to create an online store

How to create an online store



It is not enough to create a website, you need to promote it to get people to take notice of it of course. A steady flow of traffic. Otherwise you will not make any money with your new website.  If you have a limited budget then you can always use free marketing methods to get the word out about your new website. If you can invest money then go for paid traffic. Inside Influx entrepreneur you can get help setting up paid ad campaigns as well. The marketing of your website no matter if you are using free traffic methods or paid methods, is something you must dp consisyently to be ablke to build up your income and business.



Every serious business owner and marketer simply needs a professional looking website. You need a good design and quality images on your website, because to make a great impression on your website visitors is very important. . Because the That goes without saying. Because you want people to easily find you on the internet. If people can not find you online, then you more or do not exist for them. Now in this tutorail I have revealed how you easily can get a website set up for you. Where you do not need any knowledge about coding or such. You can create your new website through the drag and drop features within this site builder. It uuses the Divi builder and Elementor to create all websites through this platform.

Even if you are a total beginner you still will have no problem creating your website on this platform. If you should get stuck then you can easily geta hold of the support desk and they will help you out. The popularity within ecommerce are still increasing and more and more people want to get involved with ecommerce and having their own ecommerce/ online store. How is that going for you?

Are you involved with ecommerce? Do you have your own ecommerce store? Feel free to leave your comments below.


Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.

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