4 in 1 personalized mini funnel review

4 in 1 personalized mini funnel review

I guess you have heard it kmany times already the importance of having a big or at lwast resoinsive email list, as online marketers. Because when having a list you have a group of potential buyers that you can email when ever you want. You can make money without a list but then making money online becomes more difficult. Because with a list you can share multiple offers time and time again with your subscribers.How ever, today a product was launched that is said to make list buildingt and making money from a list much easier then before. The list building  product is called 4 in 1 personalized micro funnel. The guy nehind this product goes by the name of Neill MacKenzie.

In this  4 in 1 personalized micro funnel review, I will reveal everything you need to know about this product.

Feel free to check ou my 4 in 1 personalized micro funnel review video below.



Check out 4 in 1 personalized mini funnel here



This product have been launched earlier but there still is something new with this version of the propduct. Because now you can claim white label rights and so to say own the product. But the you need to invest in that particvular upgrade. I mention all about it in my 4 in 1 personalized micro funnel review  video above.


4 in 1 personalized mini funnel review

4 in 1 personalized mini funnel review

What do you get access to?

You do no need any software to install and no coding required anybody without technical skill can have the entire funnel and the rebrander pdf included set up and running in under 1 hour.

Here is what you ca get your hands on;

  • personalized top-quality 2-Part Lead Magnet comprising a List Building mind-map and 12-page Resources PDF
  • personalized Squeeze Page
  • personalized ‘Thank You ‘ page that automatically redirects to any affiliate offer
  • personalized sequence of seven daily emails

No installation is required so works well on Windows and Mac computers. These features are great if you are a beginner with affiliate marketing, but it can also be valuable if you are a more experioenced marketer. This because the product can make your business building easier.


4 in 1 personalized micro funnel review

4 in 1 personalized micro funnel review



When it comes to the meat and potatoes of this product I must say that it is a quality product. Neill may sometimes mumble a bit in the videos but he is still sharing easy instructions to follow. You could always re watch theb video if there is something you totally could not grasp. So yes, I can really recommend this product. Thank you for checking out this review.

The bonuses

These are the bonuses that you will get access to instantly when buying the front end offer of this product;

  • How to write emails that sells $ 98 value
  • Buyers List Ninja. How to build a big buyers list fast $ 67 value
  • How to easily get approved to promote affiliate products’even if you have never made any sales $ 87 value



Grab 4 in 1 funnel and the bonuses here


Vidamaze review good enough to buy?

Vidamaze review good enough to buy?

This new product Vidamazev was laubched earlier today at 11 Am Est. The guys behind Vidamaze goes by the names of Chris Jenkins and Prady. This new product is said to make it much easier for marketers to generate leads and make money from videos. I have tried and tested this product as you can see in my Vidamaze review video below.

And I will of course share my homest opinions in this Vidamaze review as well.




Check out Vidamaze here



Features of Vidamaze

What you can do with Vidamaze are as follows.

Vidamaze Works for all list types, niches, and audience. You will be able to create trigger reels to get more sales into your business. You get access to 10  ready-made and fully editable “Trigger Reel” videos for the hottest niches today… ready for you to plug in and play to start getting more views and sales. You can make your sales page URL appear inside the video, exactly when you want. You can put it in inside a image or through a text link in your videos. You can also link to an opt in form in your videos.


Vidamaze review

Vidamaze review


You will be able to instantly email your attention bringing videos to your list, from inside the dashboard of Vidamaze. You can have the prospects  , name, email or location appear in your videos. You will have access to video analytics. This will help you to get an over view of  what’s working, where people are dropping off and fine tune your videos for unstoppable domination in your niche. Vidamaze comes with a 30 day money back garantee. This means that if you should have second thoughts about your purchase then simply ask for a re  fund within those 30 days.


Vidamaze review

Vidamaze review


My conclusions

I feel when using the tools inside Vidamaze that it is really easy to accomplish what you want with your videos, even if you are a total beginner. The features inside this product is something new that I really haven+nt seen before. I truly believe this product Vidamaze can help marketers to generate more leads and build their lists. And in the long run also help them to make more sales online. You can manage with the front end offer even if the uogrades  can be wort looking into. But that is totally up to you of course.

Anyhow, I can really recommend this product. So yes, it is really worth to buy this product. Thank you for reading my Vidamaze review.



These are the bonuses that you will receive when buying the front end of Vidamaze;


  • Deal closing secrets. Video training on how to effectively close sales for a online business as well as for a offline business.
  • Training on how to spy on local competition in a totally etical and legal way.
  • Buyers list ninja. Learn how to build a big buyers list fast.
  • Banking with bonuses. Learn how to use bonus pages to make people buy from you. Learn about the bonus page triggers that makes people buy. This is a training done by Brendan Mace.

You get instant access to these bonuses after purchase.



Grab Vidamaze & bonuses here


Untapped traffic review, how good is it?

Untapped traffic review

This new product called Untapped traffic went live yesterday the 2023-01-16 09:00:00 US time. The guy behind Untapped traffic goes by the name of Steve Mellor. In this Untapped traffic review

I will reveal everything you need to know about this product. In the Untapped traffic review video tutorial below, I am going through the sales page, showing you how the funnel is set up so that you can save some money if you should consider buy some of the upgrades, and I am also of course logging into this products back office. So that you can get a good over view about this product.



Check out Untapped traffic here

Untapped traffic review

Untapped traffic review

What is inside?

Untapped Traffic is a quick but effective video training showing you how to find the cheapest ads on the net and how to exploit them. This is the perfect shortcut for digital marketers, affiliate marketers, CPA marketers and even eCommerce store owners. It says on the sales page that many marketers spends to much on ads, and this product will save them plenty of money.


  • 100% Newbie Friendly – This Is THE LEAST Technical Way I’ve Seen To Start Affiliate Marketing
  • Undiscovered, ‘Untapped’ Traffic Sources – Even The Gurus Are Missing Out On
  • Send Traffic Directly To Offers –
    No Need To Build Complicated Bridge Pages
  • Build Your List Fast – Send More Views To Your Offers Than Ever Before
  • Multiple Tactics Included – Includes 8 Different Traffic Strategies Across 3 Ad Types
  • Get Thousands Of Impressions AND Clicks For Just A Couple Of Bucks

Untapped traffic review

Untapped traffic review

My conclusions

The only thing that I have slightly negative feedback about regarding this product is the use of traffic exchanges. I feel like it is not the best source of traffic when it comes to quality. . But yes, you can generate leads and sales with traffic exchanges. Steve says that the reason that traffic exchanges do not work for people, is because they are using the traffic exchanges the wrong way. And maybe that is true, I could be wrong. However, the traffic exchange that Steve is showing in the training is one of the best ones out there. I have used it myself in the past.

Besides this feedback I feel that Untapped traffic is a very valuable product It says on the sales page that te training is beginner friendly and it is true. It is very easy to follow the training and understand what you need to be doing. I truly believe that Untapped traffic will help marketers to save money on their traffic expenses. If you want to buy this product then you shoukld know that right now there is a 60% discount for Untapped traffic. Thank you for taking the time to read this Untapped traffic review.


The free bonuses

When you purchase the front end offer of Untapped traffic, these are the bonuses that you will receive:


Generate plenty of free traffic by tapping into launch jacking $198 value.

Free traffic frenzy $27 value

Ultimate traffic mantra $47 value



Get Untapped Traffic + Bonuses here



Powersuite 2.0 review

Powersuite 2.0 review

Neil Napier is a very success ful product creator and vendor and now Neil have launched a new digital  product called Powersuite 2.0. This product is also called the Swiss army knife for digital marketers at any level.  AI is very popular these days and this product also involves these AI features. In this Powersuite 2.0 review I am revealing everything you need and should now about this product, and I will share my honest opinions about Powersuite 2.0.

This to help you make a decision about if this product is a good fit for you or not. And in the Powersuite 2.0 review video below I am going through the sales page, how the funnel is set up and sharing the price range of the product, and I am also logging into the dash board of Powersuite 2.0 to show you how it all works.



Check out Powersuite 2.0 here

The features

So what do you get access to as a customer/buyer? What are the features of Powesuite 2.0? They are as follows…

Find Leads, Create A.I.-Driven Copy, Logos, Build Websites, Social Media Content, Ads & MORE in one easy-to-use dashboard.

You get access to 13 Must-Have Apps For Every Digital Marketer Under One Dashboard! No Tech Skills Needed, Newbie Friendly

AI-Powered Software Creates Everything You Need In SECONDS

  • Fully Hosted – No Website Required
  • Easy To Use. No Coding Or Technical Skills Required
  • FREE Commercial License Included

Powersuite 2.0 helps you to start- run and scale a online business.

This products fits you even if you already are a successful marketer.


Powersuite 2.0 review

Powersuite 2.0 review

My conclusions

As I have gone through the whole product for this Powersuite 2.0 review, I can honestly say that I have not been able to find any negative sides to this product. Because the much needed tools and resources you need to run a business is more or less already set up for you. You get tracking tools, pre made capture pages and much more. It is easy to access the different training modules and apply what is in inside the trainings. So therefor I can truly recommend this product to any marketer. I have promoted Neil Napier products in the past and they have always been of high quality. This product is no different then the previous once regarding quality. To get a 3 dollar discount make sure to enter this discount code when purchasing; “POWER”. I am not sure how long they will offer this discount though. This offer is alsn set on dime sale. This means that the price will increase over time. So if you want in on this offer and to make you save money you should take action as soon as possible.


Powersuite 2.0 review

Powersuite 2.0 review


The free bonuses

Here are theb bonuses you will receive instantly when purchasing the front end product  of Powersuite 2.0;





Grab Powersuite 2.0 + Bonuses Here


Ai elevation funnel review

Ai elevation funnel review and bonuses.

Ai elevation funnel is a product created by Cindy Donovan two days ago. According to my owen experience and opinion Cindy creates different marketing products of high quality. This new product involves using free tools like chatgtp. If you have not heard about chatgtp I will explain it to you in this Ai elevation funnel review.

I  have also recorded a Ai elevation funnel review video and you can check it out below.



Check out Ai elevation funnel here

What is Chatgtp?

Chatgtp a new technology because it’s trained to learn what humans mean when they ask a question.

Many people are amazed at its ability to provide human-quality responses,

ChatGPT is a large language model chatbot developed by OpenAI based on GPT-3.5. It has a amazingg ability to interact in conversational dialogue form and provide responses that can appear surprisingly human. Large language models perform the task of predicting the next word in a series of words.

Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF) is an additional layer of training that uses human feedback to help ChatGPT learn the ability to follow directions and generate responses that are satisfactory to peopls.

Source; https://www.searchenginejournal.com


Ai elevation funnel review

Ai elevation funnel review

So how can you use Chatgtp with  Ai elevation funnel?

Well here is what you get access to as a member:


  • ALL ChatGTP Prompts: Copy & Paste Our Marketing Prompts
  • Works For Beginners: This Method Will Work For You, Just Follow Along
  • AI Elevation Funnel Workbook: No Fuss Strategy Workbook
  • Members Area: Access Replays & All Resources In Your Dashboard
  • Members Community: Join Our 8,000+ Facebook Community
  • BONUS TRAFFIC: Follow The Steps & Cindy will  Mail her List About Your Offer
  • Create Value: Discover how to How To Change Lives & Help People
  • Make Profits: Use the ‘Game The Math’ Method For Proven Results
  • Fail Proof: They’ll Work With You Until You Succeed & See Results
  • Automate & Scale: Use This Method For Handsfree Profits Any Niche


Any negative sides?

Are there any negative sides that I have discovered in this Ai elevation funnel review? Only one thing. It is when you are logged in at the members area and realize that the resources section us empty. But I guess this kind of thing can happen sometimes when a new product is launched. All content will be there at the 13th of January. You still can register for the coaching session with Cindy and download the check list to be prewpared when you get on the webinar. You can alo ask any questions at the Facebook group .I have complete trust in Cindy as I have promoted products by her in the past.


The free bonuses

The first 7 buyers of this product will receive my free bonusers. These bonuses are;




You get instant access to Ai elevation funnel ay Jvzoo after your purchase. It will only cost you a one time fee of $4.97



Grab Ai elevation funnel here

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