All about the changes with Sms phone leads

Sms phone leads and the new changes.


Sms phone leads is a sms marketing system that I have been using personally for quite some time now. Sms phone leads makes it possible to have an automated business that you simply run from your cell phone. Sms marketing can be really powerful when it comes to lead generation and making more sales for your business. According to information from 2019 there are about  ~4.7 billion mobile users (direct proxy for cell phones) growing to ~5.5 billion in 2020. So the numbers are probably even higher now. So what if you could get in contact with all these people? Or a big amount of them? Anyhow, below you can check out my Sms phone leads video below with all the changes and improvements with this system.


With Sms phone leads you can promote  any business that you want to. This through automated sms funnels. You can choose to have Sms custom or Sms auto funnels set up. You can build your lists with these funnels through easily connect your autoresponder, such as Getresponse and Aweber. You will be able to set up automated voice and text messages that will go out to anyone that calls your phone number that is connected to Sms phone leads. About that, you are able to purchase unlimited phone numbers. When it comes to the auto funnel you have 3 options to choose from, regarding what offer you want to promote. The options are:

  • Sms phone leads
  • Big ticket
  • Other /generic

For each option you enter the name of the product and the affiliate link for it. The system will promote the products or services you have entered to anyone that calls your Sms phone leads number. The “other/generic” option is for any pother affiliate offer that you want o promote, that is not high ticket or promoting Sms phone leads.


Sms phone leads

How About $500 Commissions?

Yes one thing that is new is that you can earn unlimited 500 dollar  commissions by joining the List building school. But in order to earn those commissions you need  to own the product. That means that you have to invest 1K, a one time fee to join List building school. .Maybe that can sound like a high fee, but then again think about the income potential over time. In list building school you will learn step by step how to make a lot of money through a list, through email marketing.


Sms phone leads

Sms phone leads


Pre made funnels

There are 3 pre made funnels that you can use. The funnels are; 3x funnel, MMO funnel and the Crypto funnel. The 3x funnel will help you promoting List building school and so that you  can start earning those 500 dollar commissions. Here is where you get access to list building school ans Sms phone leads.



Using sms marketing can make the difference for your business. It is really powerful. As marketers we should use different powerful sources to build up multiple income streams, and Sms phone leads can help you with that. You may not only just want to use sms marketing as a tool for your business, but it ca be a powerful and valuable addition to your marketing plan.

Thank you for reading.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.


Camtasia tutorial for beginners, how to use Camtasia

Camtasia tutorial for beginners.

Camtasia tutorial. Being able to share your computer screen by making tutorials and reviews for different products and services can be really valuable and powerful if you share a lot of value.. Or maybe you want to create a training that you will sell as a product? In any case, having a software that shares your screen, your face , or both is very useful when it comes to marketing, branding and making money online. Camtasia provides solutions regarding this and you can watch my step by step Camtasia tutorial below.


Your two options

You have two options when it comes to getting started with using Camtasia. You can buy it directly in the Techsmith store or you can start by taking the 30 day free trial. After the trial has ended you need to pay a fee to be able to keep using this software. So to try it out before spending any money on Camtasia, taking the free 30 day trial can be a wise decision. Before you can start to use Camtasia you have to download the software and install it on your computer. You can use it on a pc or a  Mac. You also need to login to your  account at Techsmit, Techsmith is the company that owns Camtasia and other software’s as well.


Camtasia tutorial

Camtasia tutorial



But what are the features with Camtasia? They are…..

  • Powerpoint integration
  • Media import
  • Adding quizzes into your video
  • IOS capture, connect your cellphone and share its screen in your videos
  • Add annotations
  • Transitions
  • Animations
  • Highlight, magnify, spotlight, or smooth the motion of your cursor
  • Apply device frames to your videos to make them appear as though they are playing on a desktop
  • Add an interactive table of contents to your videos
  • Closed captions
  • Replace backgrounds and insert footage videos quickly
  • Reduce background noise, even out audio levels, add audio points,
  • You can Instantly upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, Screencast

So there you go, quite many things that you are able to do with this  software.

The steps

As you also can see in the video above the first step when creating a video is of course to click the record button on top. Then a menu bar will appear. There you can edit the setting that you want to be using for your video. You can choose to only record your screen or only your face, or both. Click the button below each setting to turn them on. You can choose to turn system audio on or off  and choose what microphone you want to be using for your recording. Then when you are done then simply click the record button at the menu bar. Go to the timeline of a video as I am showing you in the Camtasia tutorial video above, to edit your recording. Click on effects and more options to the left on the screen then choose what effects you want to add to your videos by dragging them down to the time line.


Camtasia tutorial



Having a software like Camtasia means that you can teach people different things, you can use them for tutorials and reviews. You can teach colleages at your job something particular or create a product,  just to mention a  few examples. There are several video editing software’s out there similar to Camtasia of course, but I thing that Camtasia is easy to use even for beginners. And besides you can try it out for 30 days before deciding if you want to pay for it or not.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

Landingpage monkey tutorial, what can you do with it?

Landingpage monkey tutorial and what you can do with it.

Having a buyers list a responsive buyers list, is a powerful asset to have for any online marketer. That is why I strongly believe that any serious online marketer should be building their lists. By having a list you have a group of potential buyers that you can send out  emails to when ever you want to. Now, not everyone on your list will buy from you, but some might and will. There are always people that will unsubscribe from your list but you do not have to take that so very negative. Because if they are not interested in what you have to offer and maybe never buys from you, then why keep them on your list? There are different tools and softwares that you can build your list with, and the Landingpage monkey is one of these tools. The guy behind Landingpage monkey goes by the name of Josh Abbott and below you can watch a step by step tutorial video on Landingpage monkey.



The purpose of using Landingpage monkey is of course to create a landing page, a good or even great landing page. And I will be going into the features with this software now.


Landingpage monkey


In motion or static

Asa background on your landing page you can choose to have  static image or in fact even a video. Embedding a video on your landing page can actually be quite powerful when building your list of subscribers. Because having a video playing in the background with some kind of motion in it,  of your landing page can grab more of yourt visitors/traffic attention. And we all want to grab peoples attention as marketers.

As I am showing in the Landingpage monkey tutorial video above this is the step to take when wanting to embed a video as a background on your landing page…

  • Goi to Youtube and put in keywords in the search form for the type of video you want to use.
  • Then edit your search and click on filters.
  • Then click on HD and creative commons.
  • Click on the video you want to use  and  copy its url adress.
  • Paste the url adress into the form at Landingpage monkey.
  • Then click on save.


Connecting your autoresponder

You can connect your autoresponder service to Landingpage monkey. There are different options regarding this. The different autoresponder services you can integrate with Landingpage monkey are; Aweber, getresponse, Mailchimp, and One click sign up. But not only that, you can also set up a custom opt in form with the raw html code for that form. Rgearding your opt in form on your landing pages, you can choose to have a animated form. There are plenty of options when it comes to the animations . You can for instance have it fade in and rotate in. You can also edit the button color on your landing page, the background color and the text color. The text can also be edited of course.


Landingpage monkey


For more experienced marketers and users there are also the option to use scrips with this software. You can then for instance set up Google analytics, You can enter multiple script code, but the scripts can only be used at pages that you download.



There are several tools and softwares that you can use to build your list, and it doesn’t matter what tool you are using as long as you are building your list. But Landingpage monkey is the tool and software that I am personally using and I think it is very easy to use.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.


How to set up Aweber push notifications

Aweber push notifications and how to set it up.

The features with web push notifications is very powerful and valuable for your website, because you can make more money if you have this feature set up. You are able to improve the engagement rate and conversion rates with the help of web push notifications. What web push means is that when people visit your website they will see this message appearing, asking your visitors if they will allow push notifications. If they click on the yes option, then you can message them when ever you want to through automation. The visitors to your website will receive your message at once and in real time, when they have allowed to receive these web push notifications.. The benefits with push notifications is that your visitors only have to click and allow these notifications. So there is not complicated opt in process this way.. Below is a tutorial video on how you can set up aweber push notifications, even if you are a free user.



Yes Aweber offers a free account where  you can build one list and have access to several of the features inside Aweber such as setting up the aweber push notifications. You can also as a free user create unlimited landing pages for free and of course build your list and send emails. You can also integrate the services you already are using into Aweber.


Aweber push notifications


Setting it all up

The steps to set up your aweber push notifications features are as follows…

  • Go to the menu to the left and click on “Web push”.
  • Click on the button where it says “get started”.
  • You can upload a logo or remove the image section on the page that opens. Then enter your websites URL address.
  • Click on the save button
  • Copy the code and paste it in before the /body tag on your website then click on verify inside Aweber.  You can also install a wordpress plugin  that will help you with this, if you have a WordPress website.
  • Download the setup file, unzip it and upload it to the root directory of your website.


You can get more detailed instructions about each of these steps inside your Aweber account. However if you have issues with uploading the file to your root directory, then contact your hosting service so that they can help you. This feature with Aweber push notifications will not work completely correct with shopify and Mix websites.


Aweber push notifications



To some visitors to your website this feature where they have to make a choice about receiving this notifications, may feel a bit annoying. However by using this resource you could get more customers into your business. Setting up push notification feature onm your website can help you to build your list and help you sell more products. Even if the steps with the setup with aweber push notifications may seem complicated at first, well it may seem more difficult then it really is. And if you get stuck just contact the Aweber support staff or your hosting provider. You can sign up for your free Aweber account here.

Thank you for reading this post, welcome back at any time to check out more of my content..

Have a great day.

Tommy Olsson.



Aweber tutorial on the free option with Aweber

Aweber tutorial

I believe that every marketer, every online entrepreneur needs  an autoresponder. This so that they can build their emails list with potential buyers and customers. Then you do not have to chase people , instead you can just click on send and send your list an email. They may buy then from you and then may not. But still,having a responsive list is very important for any business owner. But if you are new to marketing, what is an autoresponder? It is a software that you can use to send out emails to everyone on your email list. When they enter their information on one of your opt in forms they will end up on your email list. You can send your emails when ever you want. Aweber is one of the most used and trusted among autoresponders  and below you can watch a video on how to use the free option with Aweber.




When you are using a free account with aweber you can not get that much analytics regarding the emails you are sending out as if you had an upgraded and paid account. And you are only allowed to have one list. You can not ask to get double optin removed as a free member, in that case you have to upgrade your Aweber account. Double opt in means that when your leads fill out your opt in form they need to click a link in a email to confirm their subscription to your follow series. By doing this they agree that you can send them your emails. Sometimes marketers do not want to use double optin ,it can be when they have bought traffic through  solo ads for instance. They then want to build their list as fast as possible, to so to say get the most for their bucks. Marketers uses double opt in in many cases because they only want really motivated people on their lists, people that have proven that they really want to receive the information shared in the emails.

Aweber tutorial


Despite it all

Despite that you do not have access to all features as a free member it can still be worth it to sign up for free. Because then at least you can build your list and potentially make money through that list, and all for free. You can also create  unlimited amounts of landing pages like I am showing you in The Aweber tutorial video above. You can also set up push notification through your account to increase the chances for you to make money with your list. Then if your financial situation changes you can make the decision to if you want to upgrade your Aweber account or not. You can also integrate other tools that you are using right now in your marketing with AWeber.


Aweber tutorial



If you do not have a list yet then I recommend that you start to build one as quick as possible. With a list you have a group of potential buyers that you can reach with your promotions just by clicking send. Some say email marketing is dead, but I strongly disagree. Many marketers are making a good income through email marketing. It is much easier to build a income and business when you have an responsive email list. Then you do not have to chase prospects all over the place. If you have  a limited budget and feel like you can’tt spend money on a autoresponder service, well then the free version of AWeber that I am showing you in my aweber tutorial video, can be worth checking out. You can do so by clicking here.

Best wishes, Tommy Olsson.

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