Aweber tutorial

Aweber tutorial

I believe that every marketer, every online entrepreneur needs  an autoresponder. This so that they can build their emails list with potential buyers and customers. Then you do not have to chase people , instead you can just click on send and send your list an email. They may buy then from you and then may not. But still,having a responsive list is very important for any business owner. But if you are new to marketing, what is an autoresponder? It is a software that you can use to send out emails to everyone on your email list. When they enter their information on one of your opt in forms they will end up on your email list. You can send your emails when ever you want. Aweber is one of the most used and trusted among autoresponders  and below you can watch a video on how to use the free option with Aweber.




When you are using a free account with aweber you can not get that much analytics regarding the emails you are sending out as if you had an upgraded and paid account. And you are only allowed to have one list. You can not ask to get double optin removed as a free member, in that case you have to upgrade your Aweber account. Double opt in means that when your leads fill out your opt in form they need to click a link in a email to confirm their subscription to your follow series. By doing this they agree that you can send them your emails. Sometimes marketers do not want to use double optin ,it can be when they have bought traffic through  solo ads for instance. They then want to build their list as fast as possible, to so to say get the most for their bucks. Marketers uses double opt in in many cases because they only want really motivated people on their lists, people that have proven that they really want to receive the information shared in the emails.

Aweber tutorial


Despite it all

Despite that you do not have access to all features as a free member it can still be worth it to sign up for free. Because then at least you can build your list and potentially make money through that list, and all for free. You can also create  unlimited amounts of landing pages like I am showing you in The Aweber tutorial video above. You can also set up push notification through your account to increase the chances for you to make money with your list. Then if your financial situation changes you can make the decision to if you want to upgrade your Aweber account or not. You can also integrate other tools that you are using right now in your marketing with AWeber.


Aweber tutorial



If you do not have a list yet then I recommend that you start to build one as quick as possible. With a list you have a group of potential buyers that you can reach with your promotions just by clicking send. Some say email marketing is dead, but I strongly disagree. Many marketers are making a good income through email marketing. It is much easier to build a income and business when you have an responsive email list. Then you do not have to chase prospects all over the place. If you have  a limited budget and feel like you can'tt spend money on a autoresponder service, well then the free version of AWeber that I am showing you in my aweber tutorial video, can be worth checking out. You can do so by clicking here.

Best wishes, Tommy Olsson.

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