Free traffic

Free traffic that works for affiliate marketing

In a way there is no free traffic.

You either pay for the traffic with money or with your time. But anyway, I will share with you free traffic strategies now that means that you will not have to pay any dime for it. Organic traffic is a type of free targeted traffic, and I will go into that as well in this blog post. Below is a video that I have done about the free traffic sources that I recommend.



So what is traffic? It is the amount of visitor that you receive at your website or blog. Naturally you want as much traffic as possible to be able to make more money online. Free traffic is especially beneficial if you have a limited budget. And even if you have money to invest you still may want  to use free traffic. As long as the sources of the free traffic are of good quality that is. But when it comes to free strategies you have to put in the hard work. Your hard work will be worth it anyway in the end. So do not give up with your free traffic efforts. If you stay really consistent thene I am sure you will see results after a while.


Free traffic
Free traffic


Organic traffic

Organic traffic is free traffic that you will generate when sharing a lot of value in different ways in the so called market place, with your audience. It can be when you share value through your blog, on social media sites, in videos , in articles just to mention a few examples. The key to success with organic free traffic is that you must find out what people are struggling with , what  questions they need answers to. Then you need to provide answers and solutions to those questions. When you have build up trust between you and yur audience, they may buy from you by using this strategy. Building up trust takes time, so make sure that you put in as much time in your content creation as possible.



A blog is a great  marketing tool du have, and a low cost investment. I recdommend that you invest in a domain name with hosting, this way you will have more control over your blog compared to for instance using a free blogging platform. Buying a domain name and hosting for that domain name will not cost you much  But it is totally worth it.  You can have your name in your domain name or something that is connected to the niche you are working within. Blogging is not a way to generate instant reaches, but if you stay consistent and do not give up with your blogging, then over time you can generate a nice income for yourself. Add as much value as possible in each and every blog post that you will create.


Free traffic
Free traffic



Another free method of generateng traffic is to set up a free Youtube channel. You only need a free Gmail email account to set up your channel. You should add a benner, to your channel. You can create one for free at or buy one for 5 dollar from a seller at Fiveer. You should add a introduction video tto your youtube channel where you are introducing yourself and tell your watchers and subscribers what you have to offer to them through your videos. I am not going to lie to you. Sertting up a youtube channel will not make you money fast. You got to see it over a longer time. Because over time you can make a good income but it will take time and efforts. It can take several months or even years before you see any mayor results. So why put in this time with video marketing? Because it is free and you can generate a good income for yourself if you do not quit and give up.

There are different wys that you can use videos to make money. You can make tutorials over tools and services that you are already using yourself. People like tutorials and discover how exactly different thing works. The you can leave a link in the video desription. I would not leave an affiliate link to a specific product. use a capture page instead. This way you will build your list and be able to market different tools and services time and time again. If you just post  an affiliate link to a product then your viewers might just see your offer once. So always build your listby using a capture page.

Another way you can use to make money from your videos is to buy a product. Or if you can have a company to spponsor you with products. The product can for instance be a cellphone. By doing a review video on the product and by leaving your honest opinions about that product, then people may buy it from you.


Free traffic
Free traffic



Yet another way for you to make money on Youtube is to join the Youtube partner program. But first you need to have 1000 subscribers and also 4000 public views on your channel over the past 12 months. Then when you have that you can apply to join the partnership program. When you are approved into the Youtube partnership program you will earn money through ads that will be set up on your videos. So when people take action on the offers on the ads, you will make a commission.



Article marketing still works and you can generate free traffic but sharing value in articles online. There are several ezine platforms where you can sign up for free. And when you set up your signature at your ezine account with a link to a capture page or blog then you can build your list this way. So write articles several times a week to make this method work for you.


Free traffic
Free traffic


Posting on Facebook

You can make money and generate free traffic and leads by simply posting on your Facebook wall.  To make this work you need to post 80% value and 20% about your business. When creating posts about what you are promoting you can ask people to comment below the post if they want more information about your offer. Then you will inbox them the information. And then use a capture page.  Share motivational qoutes, write in a story telling model in your post. Make the post stand out by not writing like everyone else. Share experiences about things you have noticed about marketing and in life in general. A thing to remember  to be able to get maximal exposure for your content, is that you need to like and comment on your connections posts before publishing your own post. This has to do with the Facebook algorhytm. You should post something every day.



Free traffic is not the same as lousy low quality traffic. It all depends on where you get the traffic from. It also has to do with how concistent you are.  I have shared my best tips here on free traffic sources that you can choose to use. Free traffic means that you must put in the work necessary to get results. But if you have a limited budget then you can start with free traffic and when you have made some sales then you should invest it in some paid traffic. This so that you will build your income and business faster.

Have you used some of the free traffic methods that I have been sharing in this blog post already? What are your experiences with these methods?

All the best, Tommy Olsson



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