Blog Seo and how to write great headlines

I have recently blogged about seo, search engine optimisation. But as Seo is so important when having success as a blogger I decided to get deeper into blog seo as well how to write attention grabbing headlines for blog posts as well as other things that are important regarding Seo.

Below is a video that I recorded yesterday about blog seo as well.



Blog seo and keyword research

You simply must do a keyword research for every blog post you are writing. If you do not perform a keyword research then you will not generate much free traffic to your blog. And if you have a limited budget you need to make the most of this free traffic strategy that search engine opimization truly is. Make sure to choose keyword wiith a low competyition level as those keywords are easier to rank for. It is particulary important to have low compewtioin keyword if your blog is new and if you just relying on free and organic traffic by optimizing your content. You can do your keywords for free with Ubersuggest or Google adwords keyword tool. You can create a free account with Adwords, you only need a free Gmail email account to sign up.. You can use Ubersuggest for free over here.



Blog seo
Blog seo


Seo Vs headlines

It is not enough then to use a catchy headline for the blog posts in order to get results? No it is not. Because if you are not rasnking your content around certain keywords then you will not get much of that free traffic to your blog posts. Sure you can share your content on social media and maybe somone will be curious about what your blog post is about but you will not generate much traffic this  way. You need to see it for the longer time. Once you have ranked well for your keywords your content is hopefully ranked high in the search results, and your blog post is available for people to discover for ever. As long as you do not delete your content then that content will work for you while you sleep in fact when applying blog seo. Now after a while you might have to update that blog post to improve the ranking afain, but that is not something that ypou need to do at once.


Blog seo
Blog seo


The structure of the blog post.

Your blog post should involve at least 1000 words to be able to rank well in the search engines. You should put in your keywords in the different tags; h2, h3, bold, italic and underlined. Check out the video for a more detailed instruction. Choose a category for your post that has to do with the subject that you are writing about. And also enter your keywords as tags and also add tags that has to do with your subject within your blog post. Add tags that you think that people are searching for. These tags are like keywords. You should mention your keyword multiplke times in the body of the blog posts. But do no over do it. I use a free WordPress plugin called Smartcrawl that helps me to see what I must improve regarding Seo in my blog posts. The plugin will let you know if the keyword density is good, if the meta desription is good, if you have enough back links among other things. But make sure that you do not just put in your keywords too much so that you will sound like a machine or computer. The posts need to be in normal english and easy to read.



You should baclink to several of your previous blog post where you write about the same subject. Back links is very important when it comes to Seo. If you do not have any back links or only one, then Google will not be that eager to rank your content. But if you have multiple blog post within the same subject in some way, then Google will see you more or less like an expert in that subject and will be willing to rank your content. You should also do a Google search for your keywords and link to the sdite that ranks at number one. If it is a competitor then link to a site the ranks for instance at number 2 or 3. By doing this you so to say borrow some link juice from that page. It will improve the ranking of your content.

Blog seo
Blog seo

Creating that curiousity

There are plenty of bloggers out there that we need to compete with. So that is why we need to stand out with our headlines to awalken peoples cyriosity. To awaken their curiosity as much as they click the link to our blog content. So now to some examples regarding how to write these great headlines. If you have a headline where it says”free ways of making money online” Then you can improve that subjectline to have it say; “7 free ways of makingt money online” To optimize the headline and making it stronger with Seo you can have the keywords bot at the beginning and at the end of the headline. For instance; “Making money online, 7 frree ways of making money online”. And the keywords are then make money online. Do your best when writing headlines, because you do not want to have them sound boring.

Or if your keywords are  “how to lose weight”. Then you can change that headline in to; “6 tips on how to lose weight”. Or; “6 ways to lose weight safely




You need to apply blog seo in every content you create. If you do not you will not get the exposure and the free traffic you want to have for your content. For instane, if you are not doing a keyword research then all your work with your content creation is more or less for nothing.  If you want a lot of free targeted traffic to your blog, then you must apply search engine optimisation. Because you need to optimize and rank your content around some specific keywords. And choose keywords with a low level of competition. This is especially important if your blog is new.

You do not have to spend money on keyword research tools. You can use Ubersuggest and Google Adwords for free.

The lenght of your blog posts is also important.  I used to hear that 500 written words for each and every blog post was enough. But it really is not. Not if you want the most of blog seo and getting a lot of free traffic and exposure. You need to write at least 1000 words in all your blog content. I know that some bloggers are saying that you should write 2000 words each time. But 10000 words is a good start.

About the need of good headlines for our posts, we simply need to stand out and make people click thev link to our content, by awaken peoples curiousity. We need to stand out from the competition.

Are you using Seo on your blog`Did you learn something new about search engine optimisation by reading this post? Feel free to leave your comments below.

To your success, Tommy Olsson

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