Build a facebook audience

Build a Facebook audience with organic traffic.

Not everyone that has a Facebook account is interested in making money online, but many others are. And to build a facebook audience can be really valuable and powerful for online marketers.

If you have  a big audience on Facebook you can potentiall generate a lot of leads and make sales for your business or the products that you are promoting. Their are free strategies you can use to build a facebook audience like facebook ads, but that is not what this blog post is about. I will explain how you can build a Facebook audience with organic traffic, free traffic. I have recorded a video on this topic as well, you can check it out below.



So what is organic traffic?

Organic traffic is free traffic that is created when people performs a gogle search and find your content. Organic traffic can also be created in other ways, for instance people can find it on different social media sites.  Your content can be  deilvered in differents form such as, blog posts, articles,  videos, Facebook lives, Facebook  reels, Instagram reels and so on. To make organic traffic generate results from you you need to be consistent. So it is not enough to create content only every now and then. You should create organic content more or less every day. You should also add as much value as possible in every piece of content that you are creating in order to make this organic traffic stratgy to work. Organic traffic may take a while to provide you with a lot of  results but it truly works and it will cost you nothing. Many marketers are using organic traffic to build their lists and generating sales. Some marketers are even using only organic traffic in their marketring. Some marketers are boht using organic traffic and paid traffic together.


Your Facebook profile

Fisrt off let us talk a bit about your Facebook profile, because it needs to look professional. You need to have a clear professional photo of yourself as a profile image. Do not use  an image of a animal or a flower or something like that. Because people wants to do business with you and not with a pet or  some kind of flower. This is a important thing when it comes to branding. And another thing, do not use a image of you out partying as a profile picture that will not make you lookj pprofessional. Avoid alo to have such pictures showing at the side bar at your profile.


Build a facebook audience
Build a facebook audience



You should have a banne ron top of your Facebook profile telling people what you have to offer and awaken their curiousity. If you have limited funds then you can create one for free at Canva, they look pretty good, and they have several trhemes to choose from. Add a call to action at your banner for instance offer a fre gift a lead magnet or motivate them to joi9n your Facebook group. Click on your banner and add some text and a link to what you offer at your banner. This sis a good way to build your list. Ut is very important that you build your list of potential buyers.


Adding contacts

The maximal amounts of Face book contacts you can have is 5000. When you are posing something only 10% of your contacts will see iot. Therefor you must make sure to have as many contacts as possible. You need to add more contacts daily but do not add to many. Then Facebook may block you from adding more contacts for a while. But you can add 20 new contacts in the morning and 20 new contacts in the evening.


Creating content and the Facebook algorythm

When creating content there is this important rule to follow… 80% of your content should be about sharing valuie, in the othert 20%5 you can share information about what you are promoting. You do not want to talk about the promotions you have to often. By sharing mostly value on your wall you will attract more people towards yourself. Becaus epeople like these motivation and supportive posts. If you pitch your business and the products you are promoting to often the people mayunfriend you or at least avoid you. And we do not want that.

The motivational posta can be in shape of a colored background  and then some texton it. Then we have ther so callefd story post. In this post you can tell your contacts about something you learned or experienced online to educate them or you can talk about mindset and motivation. These two types of posts  can be used when you are sharing what you are promoting as well. Then at the ends of the story post you can mention something about your offer and ask people to comment below if they want  to learn more about that specific offer. You need to post new fresh content more or less on a daily basis. One important thing to remember is that you should like and comment on your contacts posts before posting your own content. This way you get more likkes and comment yourself and it has to do with the Facebook algorythm. More people will see your posts if you are doing this.


Build a facebook audience
Build a facebook audience

Lives and reels

A ggod way of getting exposure to your profile no matter if it is about sharing value or sharing information about an offer is to use Facebook Lives and Facebook reels. They can go really viral and get you a lot of views. Remember to prepare before you start recording your lives and reels and share as much value as possible with your viewers.

Remember to add hash tags in your reels and lives so that more people can find your content. Hash tags is like clickable links about what your conntent involves. ASdd hash tags about what you are talking about and what you think people will search for connected to your topic. You can get even more exposure if you are using reels and lives in your groups and on your fan page.



To have a big audience on Facebook can be really valuaböe if you want to make money online. If you not yet are using Facebook to make money and build your list then it

can be really worth it to start now. Work towards getting those 5000 contacts as soon as possible.  You can actually build up this aidience with free traffic, organic traffic like I have explained earlier in this blog post. As with all free marketing strategies it takes consistency and hard work to make them pay off. But they will cost you nothingt and it works if you put in the necesary work. Organic traffic is very valuable and usefuk for marketers with a limited budget, but not only for them. Because very successful marketers are in fact using organic traffic as well to build their lists and income with. But in order to make organic traffic work and generate results for you, you simply need to share as much value in every piece of content that youb are creating.

Teach your reader something that you have learned about marketing or some new marketing startegy that you have discovered  for instrance.

Some online marketers are in fact using only organic traffic strategies in their marketing efforts. Are you using Facebook toggether with generating organic traffic right now? If so, what are your experiences? Feel free to leave yyour comments below. Thank you for taking time to read this blog post.


All the best, Tommy Olsson.

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