Landingpage monkey tutorial 2023

Landing page monkey is a software that I am using myself to build my lisat of subscribers.

There are plenty of landing page softwares out there, but Landingpage monkey is a software that I am fond of so that is why I am doing this tutorial.

In this Landingpage monkey tutorial you will discover everything you need to know about the features with Landing page monkey and what this page builder can do for you.. Feel free to check out my video tutorial below.




To use it or not

Well do you really need to use a landing page/ capture page then? Cant you just share affiliate links for different products through for instance, videos blogging and posting on different social media platforms? You could and maybe over time you could make a few sales this way. But I feel that you could loose out of a lot of sales and leads by not using a capture page, And if you are not building that responsive buyers list, you will have to work that much harder in order to make money online. And we as marketers should do everything we can to make things easier for us, and making things in our marketing run as smooth as possible. I am sure you have heard the expression: “work smarter and not harder”. So that is what we need to be doing.

When you do not use a capture page people may only see your offer once   And it is proven that in most cases people need to see your offer 7 times before they are willing to buy from you. Therefor I would say that you simply need to use a capture page so that you can build your list of potential buyers. Then you can promote offers time and time again to your list. By not building a list I would say that you are making the money making part online, harder then it needs to be. When building a list to offer a free give away. This can motivate people to fill out their details on your capture page. The free give away can be a Ebook or something like that.


Landingpage monkey

Landingpage monkey


That important  relationship

But even if you have a list of subscribers  does not mean that you should only be spamming them with different offers. Every email that you send out to your list does not have to include an affiliate link. People will not buy from you if they do not like, know and trust you, so that is something you need to work on and create. From time to time, share reflections about something that you ha noticed within marketing or in life it self. Show that you are a human being, a real person with emotions. Share value without including a pitch from time to time. If you are pitching your list too much you will loose subscribers. Subscribers that coiuld have been paying customers. But of course, you should include a ptch every now and then, In those cases write in a entertaining way so that your subscribers do not get bored, or so that they feel that you are pitching to hards in your emails.


Landingpage monkey

Landingpage monkey


To the features

Now let us talk about the features with Landingpage monkey. One cool feature with this landinpage creating software is that you can have either an image or a video as a background on your landing pages. Having a video with some type of motion in it is a great way to brab your pages attention and curiosity. So therefor I recommend that you use a video as a background instead of using a image. You can even use videos that you have recorded yourself as a backkground. Besides using video on your landing page,the text on your capture page also matters of course. I am giving advice about that as well in the Landingpage monkey video tutorial above.


Other features that Landingpage monkey offers are;

  • You can edit everything on your pages, the text the colors and so on.
  • You can easily connect your autoresponder to your landing pages.
  • You can easily edit the headlines and paragraph text on your pages.
  • You can enter different scripts on your landing pages such as; custom head code and custom body code



Landingpage monkey

Landingpage monkey



Every online marketer and affiliate marketer needs to build their buyers list. When building your list it is a great idea to offer people a free give away for submitting their details on your capture page. The free give away can for instance be a ebook.

Not every person on your list will buy from you, but having a list makes it so much easier to make money online. Because we want to work smart and not way to hard. It does not matter what tools you basically are usingf to build your list, the main thing is that you actually build your list on a daily basis. One inexpensive way to build your list is to set up an opt in form on your  blog. And to do so we of course need to use capture pages. As I am using Landingpage monkey myself, I think it is a landingpage builder that is very easy to use. Very beginner friendly. Yes there are advanced sett ings that you can use, but you do not need those settings when first starting out. You can simply use the settings that I am showing you in my Landingpage monkey tutorial video.

And when it comes to making money through your list, it is so important that you make your subscriber like, know and trust you. Otherwise you will not make much money through your list.

If you want to learn how to generate quality leads daily for free, then you can check out my free Facebook group.  Are yopu building your list`If not, why is that?

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.


All about the changes with Sms phone leads

Sms phone leads and the new changes.


Sms phone leads is a sms marketing system that I have been using personally for quite some time now. Sms phone leads makes it possible to have an automated business that you simply run from your cell phone. Sms marketing can be really powerful when it comes to lead generation and making more sales for your business. According to information from 2019 there are about  ~4.7 billion mobile users (direct proxy for cell phones) growing to ~5.5 billion in 2020. So the numbers are probably even higher now. So what if you could get in contact with all these people? Or a big amount of them? Anyhow, below you can check out my Sms phone leads video below with all the changes and improvements with this system.


With Sms phone leads you can promote  any business that you want to. This through automated sms funnels. You can choose to have Sms custom or Sms auto funnels set up. You can build your lists with these funnels through easily connect your autoresponder, such as Getresponse and Aweber. You will be able to set up automated voice and text messages that will go out to anyone that calls your phone number that is connected to Sms phone leads. About that, you are able to purchase unlimited phone numbers. When it comes to the auto funnel you have 3 options to choose from, regarding what offer you want to promote. The options are:

  • Sms phone leads
  • Big ticket
  • Other /generic

For each option you enter the name of the product and the affiliate link for it. The system will promote the products or services you have entered to anyone that calls your Sms phone leads number. The “other/generic” option is for any pother affiliate offer that you want o promote, that is not high ticket or promoting Sms phone leads.


Sms phone leads

How About $500 Commissions?

Yes one thing that is new is that you can earn unlimited 500 dollar  commissions by joining the List building school. But in order to earn those commissions you need  to own the product. That means that you have to invest 1K, a one time fee to join List building school. .Maybe that can sound like a high fee, but then again think about the income potential over time. In list building school you will learn step by step how to make a lot of money through a list, through email marketing.


Sms phone leads

Sms phone leads


Pre made funnels

There are 3 pre made funnels that you can use. The funnels are; 3x funnel, MMO funnel and the Crypto funnel. The 3x funnel will help you promoting List building school and so that you  can start earning those 500 dollar commissions. Here is where you get access to list building school ans Sms phone leads.



Using sms marketing can make the difference for your business. It is really powerful. As marketers we should use different powerful sources to build up multiple income streams, and Sms phone leads can help you with that. You may not only just want to use sms marketing as a tool for your business, but it ca be a powerful and valuable addition to your marketing plan.

Thank you for reading.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.


Can you gain financial freedom online?

Financial freedom.

Financial freedom  and gaining it through online marketing,Is that really realistic? Or is it just something so called Gurus are trying to convince us about? Does even online marketing work for the average Joe?

And it just something that they make sound way to easy then it really is this with gaining financial freedom? Just so they can make a quick buck from you? Hi Tommy Olsson here, thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate it.

Financial freedom and making a full time income

A full time income online as well as reaching financial freedom, is not something that you can and will create over night in rocket speed. The only way to create a full time income online is through hard work, consistency,. dedication and focus. That is the reality of things. And the sad truth is that about 99% of all online marketers an entrepreneurs are struggling to make any money at all online. And unfortunally many quits on online marketing. They are quitting on the dreams they once had. This because they had it with all this struggling. That is pretty sad.But I would recommend anyone that really wants to succeed with online marketing, to never give up or quit.

Financial freedom

Financial freedom

To stay on track

And to stay on track and having only positive thoughts in your head, I recommend you to read something daily or listen to audios. They say mindset is everything, and it is true. Read something that inspires, motivates you and/or teaches you something. Everyone, no matter if they are a so called Guru or a total beginner, still needs to maintain their mindsets daily.


Financial freedom

Financial freedom


Reading the books and listening to audios will not make you rich, but it will keep you in the right mindset and on the right track, so you hopefully will get rich in the future to come. Now ifn you are looking for a blue prints, a road map to your success, then have a look below because…

Here is the answer


To reach financial freedom, doesn’t that sound appealing? A lot of people I bet would like to enjoy that. Well to be able to create that through online marketing then there is some things you need to have. You need to be consistent, have focus and a strong will to never give up no matter what. Because I feel that too many people are quitting already while you in fact are reading this blog post. The road towards success might not be easy at all times and it will not go on a straight line. Sometimes it may feel almost like a constant uphill battle.But it is not always like that. And once you get there once you reach your goals and have gained financial freedom, then it will be more then wort the hard work. It should be anyway.

What was your biggest take away from reading this blog post? Feel free to leave your comments below.

To your success, Tommy Olsson.


How to create a ecommerce website with Influx Plus

Create a ecommerce website.

Have you ever thought about getting your own  ecommerce website or ecommerce store? But isn’t that too diffcult? No it is not, below in my tutorial I am showing you step by step how easy it really can be,


You do not have to have knowledge about html coding or anything like that to be able to build your ecommerce store, anyone can build their websites with Influx Plus. This because this page builder has an easy to use drag and drop feature. And when you sign up for a account ( I am showing you how in the video, then you can try out the whole system for a total of 14 days before paying anything. There are payment plans available to fit anyones wallet.

ecommerce website


In comparison to similar page builder software it takes less time building your ecommerce websites when using Influx Plus. I use this platform for myself and my business. Other similar page builders takes sometimes hours in comparison to the 5 minutes to get everything set up as you get when you use Influx Plus. I am not lying, this is the truth. You can see for yourself how fast i set it all up in my tutorial video above. One of the reason why it is going faster with Influx is the the pre made themes so you do not have to start from scratch. You can edit the text and images, change the images and add your own and so on. Colors on your text and other graphics can also be edited.

ecommerce website

Connecting with customers

One cool feature is that you can set up a chat feature on your website  and when you have downloaded the hubspot app to your cellphopne, then you can connect with your possible customers at ones. because you will get a message on your cellphone as soon as anyone want to ask you something. That creates good relations with your customers as well. Customer care and good such is very important for any businesss  and business owner. Any customer would appreciate quick response to what ever question they have. Having access to a chat function on your website will increase your numbers of sale as well. if you give good and fast answers to your customers. By the way, hubspot is free to use, so that is even greater.


A blog is a amazing marketing tool.because when you have created new content it is online forever as long as you keep using it and staying a member of influx or what ever other blog platform you are using and paying for. But when you pay for your membership on Influx Plus the hosting for the blog is included.To every website you will create you will get a very good WordPress blog attached to it, with all the best plug ins that you will ever need. By having a blog attached to your website you will generate targeted free traffic to your ecommerce website as well. So if you do not want to spend money on traffic them you don’t have to. The key is that you need to keep posting new content to make this free traffic method work.   I hope you feel like you have learned now how it easy it can be to create your own ecommerce site and store. Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

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