Chatgpt I bet that you have heard about it so many times already.

Chatgpt can be really helpful for online marketers in a various of ways.

You can create a entire blog posts with Chatgpt or you can use Chatgpt if you suffer from so called writers block. Anyway, I will now explain how to create review blog posts with the help of chatgpt.

Positive or negative reviews

To begin with you should always have access to the product that you are writing a review about, So that you know how it works and so that you know that it also works as promised. Positive reviews are most common within affiliate marketing though. but I must point out that even if you want to make money through positive reviews you should also be honest if you see some flaw in the product and share that with your readers.

The product may be useful but make sure to be honest and reveal what is not so great about the product. Your readers will appreciate that. And never lie in your reviews and try to make the product look better then it is just to make a sale.A negative review is used to express discontent or displeasure with a product, service, or experience. Negative feedback serves numerous purposes:

Negative reviews warn potential buyers to potential problems or downsides with a product or service. They can assist consumers in making educated judgments before purchasing or partaking in an activity.

input for Improvement: Negative reviews give businesses and service providers with useful input. Constructive criticism can point out areas for improvement, allowing them to rectify flaws and improve their offers.

Accountability: Writing unfavorable evaluations can hold businesses accountable for their conduct or the quality of their products and services. It pushes businesses to maintain high standards and to keep their promises.

Balance and credibility are provided by both positive and negative reviews for a product or service. It assists readers in understanding the prospective benefits and drawbacks before making a decision.

unfavorable evaluations can also function as a support network for customers who have had similar unfavorable experiences. It reassures them that they are not alone and that their problems are legitimate.

However, it is critical to write unfavorable reviews in a constructive and neutral manner. Giving specifics about the problems encountered and making suggestions for improvement can make the review more useful to both the business and other customers. Personal assaults or overly emotional language may reduce the effect and credibility of the assessment. The purpose should be to provide an honest assessment that can be used to effect good change or as a useful cautionary remark for others.


Writing those prompts

Prompts are the instructions or signals you provide to ChatGPT . Prompts can be thought of as the starting point of a conversation or the precise task you want ChatGPT to do for you.

To compose many prompts at once, simply submit a list of prompts as input to ChatGPT. Each prompt should be listed as a separate item. For example, you can pass the prompts as an array of strings in an API call. You can follow the instructions about writing multiple prompts at once as I share in my video or you can use the following code

import openai

prompts = [
“Tell me a joke.”,
“Explain the concept of gravity.”,
“Write a poem about the stars.”,
“What is the capital of France?”,

Use the OpenAI API to get responses for each prompt

responses = openai.Completion.create(
max_tokens=100, # You can adjust the number of tokens based on response length

In this example, we have a prompts list with four possible prompts. We then use the OpenAI API to feed this list to the language model, which allows you to generate responses for each query in the list at the same time.

The max_tokens option is used to specify how long the generated response should be for each prompt. Changing this value affects how long or short the answers are. It is important to note that the entire amount of tokens in an API call must fall under the model's maximum token limit (for example, 4096 tokens for GPT-3.5).

When you wish to get answers to multiple questions at once, you can use multiple prompts. This may be more efficient than asking questions one at the time

For a beginner it might be easier to use the Instructions that I am sharing in the video above.

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Do not copy the text created by Chatgpt and paste it directly into your blog post, you need to parahrase it first. You can use a paraphrasinng tool like Quillbot to re phrase the text you receiving from chatgpt to make the content look like a human being have written it. Otherwise Google and other search engine may discover that you have used a bot when creating your content, and then they will not rank your content. And we do not want that to happen.


Chatgpt is really a great tool to use for any online marketer. It will save you a lot of time and also help you out with creating content when you have a so called writers block. I would recommend that you share your personal opinions and feelings about what you are blogging about, and not just use the content that Chatgpt creates for you.

Have you started using Chatgpt? If so, are you pleased with the work it does for you? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

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