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Content creation and successful blogging.


There are many blogs out there and many bloggers, according to the website websitesetup there are 31.7 million active bloggers in 2020 But then micro blogs such as the  users at tumbler has access to also are included in  these numbers. But does blogging still work in 2022? Is there any money in blogging? Yes there is but blogging is not a way to make a whole lot of money fast. You got to be really patient and put in that hard work in your content creation.

Because if you want to make money from your blog then you need to treat it like a business and put in the necesary work. It could take up to a year before you are seeing any mayor results.  And you need to create about 200 blog posts, before you will see any big results coming in from your content creation through  blogging. But do not give up because your blog could be earning you a nice income over time. Since setting up a blog is a low cost investment you need to make the most of your blog so that you can start making money from it. You should at least write 3 blog post per week, but do not write more then 7 blog posts per week. Below is a video that I have made with my best content creation tips when it comes to blogging.



What type of blog?

I recommend that you invest ina wordpress blog with your own domain name and hosting. Because a WordPress blog is so easy to manage and edit. You can change the design of it and so on quite easy. And when it comes to hosting, that makes you have more control over your blog. Choose a domain name that is branded to you  and/ or the niche you are workinjg within. You can have your name in the domain name or something that has to do with the niche you are involved with.


Content creation
Content creation


That value

When it comes to content creation and having a successful blog you need to sharee a lot of value in your blog posts. Make each post as good nas possible and stuffed with value? But what is value then? It is answers to what people are wondering about. What people wants answers and solutions for. So you need to offer them a solution to those issues that your readers have. You will be like a problem solver. This will attract people to you and create trust. To get in contact with your readers you could ask them something at the end of the post. Because comments also help the search engine optimization.



You need to do a keyword research before writing your content. Otherwise yu will be blogging for nothing. Then you will not know if the keywords that you are using are any good or not.Choose keywords with a low competition level. You can do your kkeyword research for freee witth Google adwords for instance. The amount of searches for your key words should at least be 1000 per month.


Content creation
Content creation


The lenght of the blog posts

Some say that 500 words are enough when creating blog posts. Although writing 500 words are a good start, you need to make your blog content longer then that. Write at least 1000 words in each of your blog posts. This will improve the posts ability to rank in the search results. But that requires of course that you hhave SEO optimized your blog content. I use a free wordpress plugin called Smartcrawl that helps me have an overview how good my seo settings are for every post and what I might have to improve.


Categoories and tags.

You need to choose a category for each and everyone of your blog posts. You should enter your chosen keywords as a tag and also add other tags. Tags are like keywords but do not add too many tags. Up to 7 tags are enough. I know some marketers says that you should add as many tags as possible but I do not agree with that.




To improve the search engine optimization of your content you should link back to another of your earlier blog posts. Backlinking is very powerful and necesary when it comes to SEO. You can back link to several of the blog posts you have written earlier. Do a Google search on your keywords and link to the blog or website that ranks at the top of the search results. This will generate so called link juice and that can help the ranking of your blog post. If the site you are linking to is a competitior that promotes different products then avoid linking to that site if you can. Chose another site for that search  instead. Because we do not want to build someone elses income. Having your blog attached to your website is also a great advantage when it comes to search engine optimization. Becaise the blogs can generate more visitors  and traffic to the websites, and this way the website owners can make more sales.


Content creation
Content creation

What now?

When you have published your blog post you should share it on as many social platforms as possible. This is good for exposure as well as for Search engine optimization. If you are looking for free tools to ping your content then you can go to and When you are pinging your blog posts you are letting the search engines know that you have punlished new content  that they will rank for you. At pingler you pay a quite low fee as well to be able to ping more then the free members.



There are different ways to monetize your blog. You could sign up for adsense for free for Instance.  There are other platforms similar to Adsense that you can use as well such as ezoic for instance. Or you could promote different products and create a review blog. You could also offer people to put their banner on your blog for a certain fee.


Content creation
Content creation



Blogging still works if you put in the work. Blogging is not something you get rich from over night you need to be really patient and put in hard work if you want o make money from your content creation.  Blogging is not a get rich quick thing how ever if you put in the hard work necesary then your blog can in fact generate you a nice income.. They say that content is king and it is true. At least if you share a lot of value in each and every blog post that you are writing. When sharing value with content creation concistantly then you can be the go to person for your readers when they are looking for answers in different questions.

You will also then brand you as a leader and as an expert in your niuche. When it comes to getting maximal exposure for your blog and its content, having a website connected to your blog is really powerful. This is great for search engine optimization. Many companies has a blog attached to their website  Are you considering to start blogging? Or do you already have a blog? Feel free to comment below this post.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson

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