Create an online course website

Create an online course website.

You can turn your skills and knowledge into a course or multiple courses, and it does not have to be that difficult to create an online course website either. Your course can be something as simple as a Ebook or a more advanced course with step by step video training for instance.

You can add more income streams streams by selling courses online. You can sell bundled packages, memberships, or access to premium content in addition to individual courses. This adaptability allows you to develop several streams of revenue and hence boost your overall earninga..

Selling courses online has grown in popularity. It allows entrepreneurs to share their expertise, reach a larger audience, and make money, while providing learners with the convenience, flexibility, and access to excellent education from the comfort of their own devices.

Anyway I will now explain how to easily create your online course websites by busing WordPress and Optimizepress.

You can also watch my tutorial on this subject below if you want.

Why WordPress And Optimizepress?

Why would you consider to use WordPress and Optimizepress then when you want to create an online course website? Well,Wordpress is used by a lot of people all over the world, because you can create so much with the help of WordPress. Here follows a few examples of what you can create with WordPress…

WordPress allows you to develop many types of websites, from basic blogs to complicated e-commerce enterprises. Here are some typical examples:

Blog: Because WordPress was created as a blogging platform, it excels at developing personal and professional blogs. You have the ability to change the layout, publish articles, manage comments, and interact with your readers.

WordPress offers a good foundation for constructing professional websites for businesses, such as corporate sites, portfolios, and landing pages. You can highlight your company's products, services, team members, and contact information.

WordPress may be transformed into a robust online store by using plugins such as WooCommerce. You may create product listings, manage inventory, accept payments, and provide your consumers with a smooth shopping experience.

WordPress's content management capabilities make it ideal for producing news or magazine websites. You can categorize articles, create a homepage with featured content, and include multimedia features.

Portfolio or gallery: If you're an artist, photographer, or designer, WordPress has plenty of alternatives for displaying your work. Portfolios and galleries can be created using image and video galleries, sliders, and other visual features.

WordPress's content management capabilities make it ideal for producing news or magazine websites. You can categorize articles, create a homepage with featured content, and include multimedia features.

WordPress allows you to create membership-based websites where users may register, log in, and gain access to special material or features. This can be used to provide online classes, premium content, or a community platform.

Forum or social network: You can use plugins to turn WordPress into a forum or social networking platform. Profiles can be created by users and they can connect with each other in different ways.

  1. Non-profit or charity website: WordPress is a popular choice for non-profit organizations and charities. You can create donation forms, share stories and updates, and raise awareness for your cause.
  2. Event website: Whether it's a conference, meetup, or concert, WordPress allows you to create event-focused websites. You can display event details, sell tickets, manage registrations, and share updates with attendees.
  3. Educational website: WordPress is suitable for creating educational platforms, online courses, or e-learning websites. You can deliver lessons, assessments, and multimedia content, and even incorporate discussion forums.

These are just a few examples, but the flexibility of WordPress means that you can customize and extend its functionality to suit your specific needs.

Create an online course website

To create different things such as funnels and high converting pages you how ever need to invest a little bit of money, like for instance when you decide to start using Optimizepress.

You can learn more about Optimizepress here.

I personally are using Optimizepress and I think it is the most easy to use funnel builder and page builder I have ever used, as it works in a drag and drop fashion.

OptimizePress is regarded as user-friendly. OptimizePress is a popular WordPress plugin that lets you create landing pages, sales pages, membership sites, and more without any coding or technical knowledge.

OptimizePress is an easy-to-use funnel builder with a drag-and-drop editor, making it simple to customize your pages. It includes a number of templates and elements that you can easily edit and combine to create the look you want. The plugin also includes pre-built page layouts and templates that can be used as a starting point for those who are new to web design.

Additionally, OptimizePress provides tutorials, documentation, and customer support to help people with any questions or issues they may encounter. They offer resources such as video tutorials and a knowledge base to help you get started and make the most of the plugin's features.

Overall, while there may still be a learning curve for beginners, OptimizePress has a user-friendly experience and support for users of all skill levels.

Create an online course website

Creating your pages and funnel

The steps to take to create an online course website is pretty simple. After installing the Optimize plugin, you simply go to the menu to the left and click on Optimizepress and then you click on cretae new funnel. You are able to create a funnel from scratch but if you are a beginner then I recommend that you use one of the pre made themes. You are able to edit and change everything on these pages to have them look exactly as you want them to look.

I am showing exactly how you can edit your pages in the video above.

You can connect a autoresponder to your pages and add a payment option on the check out page as well. You are able to get paid for instance to Stripe and paypal. The set up process for your payment gateway is easy to set up. Just follow the instructions that I am giving in the video.

After creating your funnel you can check out statistics for your pages at the funnel dashboard. You are able to see for instance the opt in rate and do A and B testing for all the pages. On the menu to the left you can go to conversions under Optimizepress to discover how well your pages are doing and what leads you have been generating each day.


Yes you can turn your knowledge and skills in to online courses. You can create any type of website with Optimizepress but as you can see this time I have chosen to show you how to create a online course website because you can potentially earn a good income this way.

. Why not make money from what you have learned so far online? Or you can learn new skills and turn that into courses and products. As you can see in this tutorial, it does not tohave to be difficult to set your courses up.

Have you created and launched any courses online so far? Are you thinking about creating such a course? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

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