Cub to lion 3 day challenge

Cub to lion 3 day challenge

Marketing tools, good marketing tool is very important for any online marketer. That is, in most of the cases. But now there is this pretty new product that makes those expensive costs for all those tools to disapear. This product is called Cub to lion 3 day challenge.

Through the traiining you will discover how to generate lads and sales at no cost to you. This product is a great fit for any beginner within affiliate marketing, but it can also benefit more experienced online marketers. You can find my Cub to lion 3 day challenge review video below.


Introduction to affiliate marketing.

In case you are new to affiliate marketing, here follows an explanation on what it is and how it works. As an affiliate marketer you are promoting someone elses product. You receive a certain percentage of the sales price of the product for each sale that you are makining on every sale. It is the bvendor of the product that decides the percentage you  will earn per sale. There are different platforms where you can create a free account and start to request different affiliate products. Such platforms just to mention a few is, Warriorplus, Jvzoo and Clickbank. Affiliate marketing is regarded as a so called easy way of start to makingt money online. However it may take a while before a total beginner makes his or hers first sale. It has to do with the learning curve, you need to learn and keep learning how to actually promote and make the sale with affiliate marketing. We all are different and have different learning curves. So do not expect to much to  soon. Keep learning and apply what you have learned.


Cub to lion 3 day challenge
Cub to lion 3 day challenge


What is different?

So what is different with Cub to lion 3 vday challenge and the training inside this product, compared to other trainings? Well it focuses on the power of making money by using Facebook groups. There is step by step training inside the product on how to set it all up. You basically just need to set up one Facebook group to make these strategies to work.

Here follows what you get access to inside Cub to lion 3 day challenge…

Day 1 – Newborn – A full breakdown on how to create your Facebook Group in a way that gives you instant authority, and the key information needed to build trust with your customers, as well as how to avoid all the pitfalls that catch out the other 99%

Day 2 – The Hunt – A detailed plan on where and how to obtain leads through Facebook Organic Marketing using methods that many others are not doing

Day 3 – The Kill – The final piece of the puzzle, you are now a Lion/Lioness and Facebook is your plains. Here is how to monetize this Facebook Group that you have been building and convert those leads into sales

There is also a Fecebook group where you can access more training as well as support from the product owner Liam.

Cub to lion 3 day challenge
Cub to lion 3 day challenge


You will aöso receive bonuses from the product owner when purchasing the product for $15. Those bonuses are as follows;

A taining on more depth in a live group training, and show the various ways I generate Leads

Value: $197

Chatting With The Lion – This is an EXCLUSIVE interview Liam the product owner, did after he had hit 50+ in under 40 days from scratch

Value: $99

The Doc Library – Gain access to the various documents I use to help organize and manage my time better as well as track my goals and targets. These can also be used to fill out your group content

Value: $79


As you can see in the review video above there are additrional upgrades that you can choose to inves in. Those are:


  • Cub to lion VIP
  • Ultimate Marketing Mastermind
  • Cub to lion MANE


About Cub to lion MANE, it is not set up in the back office yet because it is brand new. But it is a quality advanced training on how you can connect with your prospects on a deeper level and brand yourself effectivelky. Right now there is a $150 discount for the first action takers and buyers of MANE. Click here and make sure to enter the code; MANE to claim this huge discount.



Wheb you have a limited budget then it is not always easy to afford all the marketing tools you think you need. But you do not need vtools like auto responders and capture page softwares. Not if you follow the training inside Cub to lion 3 day challenge. In fact you can generate leads for your Facebook group by using free organic traffic. You do not have to invest in any of the upgrades, you can succeed with the front end offer. However if you want to access the more advanced trainings you might want to consider some of the upgrades anyhow. But it is of course totally up to you.


We all need leads as marketers because without leads our business will die.  So when you can get them for free through organic traffic  well that is not something to complain about. Are you using organic traffic when promoting different offers online? Are you using Facebook in order to generate leads? Feel free to leave your comments below. Than you for reading.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.

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