Digital marketing

Digital marketing is it saturated?

Is digital marketing saturated? Is it useless to get involved with digital marketing and are the competition way to high?

Is it still possible to make money with digital marketing? This type of marketing is not really saturated but to a degree it can be regarded as saturated. I will shortly explain what I am getting at. For now feel free to check out the video below where I talk further about this subject.



What is really digital marketing?

First off , what is digital marketing?  It is when a marketer promotes digital products that are not physical products. It can be online marketing training where people have to log in to a webiste to access that training among many other things. This ype of marketing involves  desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services as well Digital marketing has becomvery successful as people nowadays prefer to sometimes shop online instead of visiting a regular store.  These days more and more  businesses are using the Internet to market their product or services. Digital marketing is different to traditional marketing.  Traditional marketing uses offline channels, while digital marketing on the other hand uses online channels. The word “digital marketing first appeared in the 1990s and the first internet ad was in 1994. Today, digital marketing has become an essential part of advertising with many institutions offering courses due to this demand.



Digital marketing
Digital marketing


What about saturation?

What about digital marketing being saturated then, is it any truth to that? In a small way it can be regarded as saturated because so many people are doing digital marketing now, and one reason for it is because of Covid epidemic. More and more people have realized the benefit and potential of working from their homes. With that being said, there are still room for new so called players within diogital marketing. You just have to stand out and create the best content that you possibly can, Share your story to create a connection and relationship with your audience. This way you are building up trust between your readers/ followers and yourself. Show in different ways that you are a real person that cares, and do not just pitch offer after offer through your blog and list for instance.

It is also truth that many online marketers are struggling to make money online. But that has nothing to do with saturation. It has to do with finding a good mentor and to do what he ore she is telling you. Because you always need to apply what you have learned. Otherwise learning will kind of be a waste of time.

When it comes to email marketing, share stories that your subscribers can relate to. Because not every email to your list have t include links, It is a matter of fact that some of your emails should not include links. This way youwill not lose quality subscribers that somewhere down the line might buy from you. By the way, here is the business in a box that I am talking about in the video.


Digital marketing
Digital marketing


How to look at it

Avoid thinking about digital marketing as something saturated. Think it as a good source of income when you are doing it the right way. Do not worry about all the other marketers, instead focus on your own journey and success. Make sure to create better content then other marketers. Share more value write better and longer blog content, make better videos then other online marketers and so on. Think poitive instead of worrying about it being saturated.



Digital marketing is not saturated, at least not totally. There are still room for new people that wants to get involved in this type of marketing. Just because there is a high level of competition with digital marketing, does not mean that it is saturated. There is no use in worrying about it being saturated, nothing has ever gotten better by worrying. And the fact that many online marketers are struggling has nothing to do with saturation. It is about keeping focus and finding a good mentor. Then you need to apply that new knowledge and sooner or later you will see results if you stay comsistent..

Another thing is that you simply need to stand out and create better content then the other marketers. Share more value in your content then others, share< your story with your audience and so on. Connect with your audience and try to establish some type of relationship with them. In other words, do not be to pitchy, do not share offer after offer with your list and audience. If you do then people will get tired of you and stay away from you.  What is your opinion regarding this type of  marketing and it being saturated? Leave your comments below.


Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.

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