Divi builder tutorial

Divi builder tutorial and how to add a toggle section to a website.

Divi builder tutorial. Hi Tommy Olsson here, thanks for checking out my Divi builder tutorial. But; what is a toggle section? A toggle section can be used in different ways on a website. The basic explanation of a toggle is that; it is a switch between one setting and another setting.like for instance on and off or yes or no.

So In this Divi builder tutorial I am using the Divi builder with the platform of Influx Plus that I am a member of, but if you are using another solution with Divi, then you can of course use that by applying what I am showing you in my video above.and another. The term implies that it is a switch that has only two outcomes: A or B or on or off. Toggles should provide immediate results, giving users the freedom to control their preferences as needed. It can include popular questions that people may have and they will also find the answers to those questions in the Divi builder toogle section.

Divi builder tutorial
Divi builder tutorial

However in this Divi tutorial I will show you how to answer your website visitors possible questions by setting up a toggle section on your website.  Meaning that when they click on one of the questions in your toggle section, the answer to their questions will show up below the question. Having a toggle section can improve the experience that your visitors have of your website.For more information watch the video below.




Trials and services

In the tutorial above I am using the Divi builder on the platform of Influx plus. But if you are suing Divi on another platform that works just fine as well of course. Just follow the steps that I am showing you in the video above. As you can see you can have your toggle section to look however you want it to look by editing it in different ways. such as color settings and text style, placing of the toggle section and a  lot more. In the tutorial I am setting up a toggle section regarding a free trial , but you can do a toggle regarding your products and services in general, or anything else that you want your website visitors to get more knowledge about. Setting up a toggle section on your website like this can potentially make you more sales whenever someone is visiting your website. Because if you answer questions that the website visitors might have and taking away doubts about your services that they might have, well that can lead to them becoming a paid customer in the long run . even if there is no guarantees of that happening.

Divi builder tutorial
Divi builder tutorial


Should you set up a toggle section or not on your website? Well to make the most of your website and to generate as many leads or sales as possible I strongly suggest and recommend that you set up a toggle section. And it is really easy using the Divi builder. As I have mentioned earlier; it will improve the impression that people will have by visiting your website and it can in the long term make you money. When we take away peoples doubts by answering questions that they might have, well that can lead to new paying customers. We want our business website to do a great job for us 24/7 so then you need to have a toggle section on it as well. What did you like about this blog post? leave your comments below.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

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