Divi tutorial

Divi tutorial how to create a contact page on your website.

One of the pages you should have on your website as a business owner and/or online marketer is a contact page. If you are not sure how to create a contact page or what to have on it then I will now go into that. In the Divi tutorial below I will show you step by step how to create this contact page using Divi and Influx Plus.



How and why

It is quite easy to use the Divi builder setting the contact page up as you can see in the Divi tutorial video.. You can easily change the content on your page, remove what you do not want to keep on your contact page and edit and modify your page to make it look exactly as you want it to look. This through the drag and drop features with this website builder. Now, you are maybe asking yourself why do I need to have a contact page on my website? Well, you simply need to provide your website visitors and potential clients with a way to contact you if they have questions. Because you want to come across s as an serious business person. You also want to provide good customer care and customer relations. When you accomplish this you get people to begin to like, know and trust you.


divi tutorial
divi tutorial

The 3 magic words

These three words; like,know and trust are very important when running any business. So the better answers you give to your prospects, and the faster you answer their questions the better. Because the prospects wants more or less instant replies to their questions. Having a contact page also includes SEO, search engine optimization. Because when you have optimized your whole website then people can access your business email address directly from the search results at for instance Google, without even visiting your website, because Google offers business and site owners to have their contact information visual in the search results. But of course, we want people to visit our website of course. There is another thing when it comes to SEO search engine optimization as well. and that has to do with the amount of pages you have on your website. Having multiple pages will help you rank your website in the search engines. Now, usually contact pages includes  a e-mail address, a phone number, social media links and also. a physical address



The combination of both

I have blogged previously about the benefit of having a live chat on your website for the sake of customer service. Combining the live chat and having a contact page is what I really recommend. This way prospect cab easily find out where to get help and answers  to any questions that they might have. This way you build up trust with your potential clients.


So do you own a website? Do you have a contact page set up? If not then I would strongly recommend that you set one up as soon as possible. You can follow the steps to set it up as I lay it out in this Divi tutorial. Having a contact page on your website is very important so that people easily can contact you.  Having a contact page can increase your number of sales.You will also make people know like and trust you by having such a  page and provide fast customer service. I hope you have found value by reading this Divi tutorial. Welcome back to this blog to discover more of my content. Do you have your own website right now?

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

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