Wordpress store

WordPress store

WordPress store and how you easily can create one for yourself. Did you know that you can create your own wordpress store?

E commerce is pretty popular these days and a lot of people people have a a big interest in this way of making money online. WordPress is a very popular platform with users all across the world. There are currently over 455 million sites that use WordPress. There is a lot you can do with WordPress and WordPress offers a lot of different plug ins that you can put to good use. In fact, WordPress is the blogging platform that offers thev most plug ins. Some are free and some of them you need to pay for.But right now I want to share with you how you easily can create a wordpress store in easy steps so that you can start to sell your own products. Creating a product is not that difficult even if you are a beginner. If you are not certain how to do so, then ask for advice at the support desk. . Continue to read and watch the video below to find out how to set your WordPress store up in easy steps.


In the tutorial video above I am using Influx Plus to create my WordPress store. If you would prefer using another platform that is totally up to you of course. However, at Influx Plus you get access to a lot of different themes for your WordPress store within different niches. The themes have a professional design with quality images, but you can change the images and upload your own if you want to. Actually you can edit and change how your site looks to make it look however you want it to look. You can get started for free through a free 14 day trial and start building your WordPress store or any other site you want to create for that matter.


Wordpress store
WordPress store


Here are the steps

The steps to set up your WordPress store is easy to do. You just;

  • Choose a template for your site
  • Choose your website title
  • Choose your user name
  • Now you are good to go so let's start editing your new site!


Other things you get access to

Connected to every website you create you will also get a WordPress blog with all the plug ins you will need. You also have the option top add a customer chat module to your new websites. So that you can get in contact with your prospects fast and this way you might generate more sales for your business. Should you have questions then you can easily can in contact with the support staff to get help quickly. But on the Influx Home page you will have tutorial videos that will show you how to set everything up so that you can start to sell your own products and create recurring revenue for you and your business over time..



Wordpress store
WordPress store


Final words

WordPress is a great platform and it s being used by a lot of people all around the world. There are so many things that you can do with a wordpress blog. And you can easily create your first very own Word-press store like I am showing you in my tutorial video above. It may sound complicated to build a store at first but it really isn't. You just have to follow the easy to follow steps that I am showing you in the video and you soon will be having your own WordPress store ready to make you money. Do you want to create your own WordPress store? Comment below. Thank you for visiting this blog.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.

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