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Fb likes and how to get more of those likes is what I will go into in this blog post.

This blog post is not about how to get Fb likes for fan pages or such, instead it involves how to get more likes on the posts you publish on your Facebook wall.

And yes you can get a lot of these Fb likes for free when you follow the advice that I will share in this blog post. How that works is something that you can find out more about by watching the video below.

The benefits of getting likes

Yes you can purchase softwares that can automate the process for you to generate more Fb likes. But you do not have to spend money to get those likes if you follow the strategies that I am about to share with you.

But now, what are the benefits of getting fb likes and getting more of them?

Getting likes for information you post on your Facebook page can have a number of advantages, both personally and socially. Here are a few of the potential benefits:

Likes are a sort of social validation, suggesting that people admire or agree with your material. This might increase your self-esteem and make you feel recognized in your social circle.

Increased Visibility: When your posts gain likes, they are frequently seen to a larger audience due to the algorithmic nature of Facebook's news feed. This implies that more people will view and interact with your work, resulting in more likes and interactions.

Engagement and Connection: Likes can start conversations and exchanges. People who like your postings may also remark, share, or message you, allowing for significant interactions and dialogues.

Fb likes

Personal Branding: Consistently obtaining likes for particular types of material might assist you in developing a social media personal brand or personality. People may come to connect you with informative articles, hilarious anecdotes, or stunning photographs if you constantly post them.

Feedback and Enhancement: Likes might be considered feedback. If you're sharing creative material, such as art, photography, or writing, likes can help you figure out what your audience enjoys, which can help you improve your content and talents.

Social impact: Getting a lot of likes on a post might boost your perceived social impact. Others may be more willing to engage with your work if they notice that a large number of people enjoy it.

Likes might help you connect with people who share your interests. If someone frequently like your content, it might serve as a starting point for a dialogue and an opportunity to engage on a deeper level.

Encouragement and support: Likes from friends and family can provide emotional support and encouragement. This is especially vital at difficult times or while sharing personal accomplishments.

Promotion and marketing: Receiving likes can assist boost the visibility of your products, services, or content if you use Facebook for business or self-promotion.

Algorithmic Benefits: Social media platforms like Facebook use algorithms to determine what content appears on different users' feeds. Posts with more likes are more likely to be considered relevant and engaging, leading to increased visibility and reach.

Fb likes

Optimizing for maximal exposure

To get maximmal exposure for your content you should also add more contacts daily. You should add 10 people in the morning and 10 people in the evening. But do not add more people then that daily, because otherwise Facebook may block you from adding more people for a while.

Attraction marketing

The strategies that I have here are included in attraction marketing. Attraction marketing makes it so that people get drawn to you and your content and may buy from you without you pitching them. Of course you need to share your business every once in a while, but not too often. Instead rely for the most part on attraction marketing.

Attraction marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on drawing potential customers or clients to a business, product, or service through the creation of quality content, the establishment of credibility, and the development of connections.

Rather of immediately seeking leads or consumers, attraction marketing seeks to attract them by providing relevant and helpful information, addressing problems, and positioning oneself as an authority. This strategy is founded on the notion that when people are genuinely interested and involved in a brand's content and expertise, they are more likely to become customers or clients in the long run. It is most important then to use social media, content marketing, and personal branding to build a strong and devoted consumer base.

To learn more about these strategies, here is a blueprint on the subject.


Yes there are softwares that you can buy to automate this process of getting more Fb likes. But you do not need to spend money if you are applying the methods that I have been sharing with you here. It is also important that you stay consistent using these strategies to get the results that you want.

Are you using attraction marketing now as a marketing strategy for you business? Feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you for reading this post.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

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