Email octopus review

Email Octopus review.

So in this email octopus review I will give you a total walk through of this autoresponder service that I am using. Email Octopus may not be as well known as Aweber and Getresponse for instance, but it is still a very good autoresponder.

If you are not sure about what an autoresponder is then let me explain. It is a software that allows you to automate the broadcasts and email campaigns to people that have subscribed to your list. They do so by filling out a form with their email adress and sometimes other details as well. By subscribing to your list  you have their permission to send emails to them when ever you want. As long as they are subscribed then you have the right to email them. Now about Email Octopus; you can start for free for one year but there is more to it then that. Because you can get access to this autoresponder service without any cost  for a much longer time then that.

Now, I will also explain how you can get instant access to 100 quality subscribers for free that you can start sending out emails to at once. . Feel free to have a look at my Email octopus review video below.



Different sides to the story

I know that there are some online marketers out there that are not building a list and they have no list to promote to. And a few marketers are making good money online by sharing value about their offers and then just sharing their affiliate linksm in their content. But I must say and recommend that you use list building and build up your list constantly. Because then you can email those peoples on your list promoting multiple products and offers.If you are just sharing afffiliate links in your content then people might only see your offer once. It is said that people need to see your offer 7 times before they buy. That is also one of the reasons to why you should build your list.  I would say that making money online gets so much easier when you have a buyers list, a responsive buyers list..


Email octopus review
Email octopus review

What is Email Octopus?

Email Octopus is a easy to use autoresponder. You can see for yourself in the video above how easy it really is to use. This autoresponder service offers a free plan that you ca use for a whole year before you need to upgrade. But there is a way that you can contine to use it after that year. Not only that but you can get 100 quality subscribers for free as well.


How do you receive the free leads then?

All you have to fdo to get access to the 100 leads that gets bautomatically added to your account at Email Octopus, is to spend 7 dollars. This is a one trime fee. Fo that 7 bucks you get access to a system with great high ticket marketing and this will help you to make high ticket sales with this system. When you join for 7 dollars you will have access to the first level of the system. But quite often the owners allos alll members to make 100% commissions. So this is really ver beneficial, particukarly if you right now have the money to upgrade right away to the higher levels at this system.

The system is by the way called List Lion.  You can check out List Lion right here. A thing that is quite new with List Lion is that you get instant payments through Stripe. This means that you do not have to wait for your commissions. The training inside List Lion is very beginner friendly in a step by step manor. You get access to a supportive Facebook group as well where the business owners also share valuable training.


Email octopus review


Difficult making high ticket sales?

Now maybe you wonder now if it isnt difficult to make high ticket sales? Not really not when you know how to promote high ticket offers to people. And that is what you will learn inside List Lion. When you have this skill, then selling a high ticket product will not be any more difficult then selling a lowq ticket product. More and more marketers are getting involved with high ticket offers, simply because they will build up ther income and wealth faster then if they should promote low ticket products.



Email Octopus is a great auto responder and it gets extra valuable as you can get a free accounht with them. As I have explained in this post there is a way that you in fact can keep that free account for a long time. And you can also rewceive 100 qualitysubscribers for free that you can start to email. Having a list of potential buyers is a very valuable asset to any online marketer and business owner. Then you need to have the skillset to write emails that sell of course, and if you do not have that skillset then you need to be willing to learn. But in any case it is a great  and very move to start building your list no matter what kind of experience you have right now.

And you will get instant access to these leads by simply spending 7 dollar. And by doing so you will learn how to generate more leads and make those high ticket sales. But it will not happen over night. But stay focused on the training and apply what you learn, and then I am sure you soon will see results. This is a one time payment by the way. By making high ticket sales you will be able to build up your income faster then if you focus on promoting low ticket offers. More and more online marketers are starting with high ticket marketing now as they see the benefits with it. Are you or have you been involved with a high ticket business? How did you like it? And are you building your list?  Leave your comments below.

Thank you for taking the time to check out this Email Octopus review, and welcome back to this blog at any time to check out more of my content..

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

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