Facebook fonts

Facebook Fonts and changing it

Have you noticed that people on Facebook have some how managed to write their post on their wall for instance with a different Facebook fonts? There are several benefits with changing the Facebook fonts of the text you are posting on your Facebook wall or on your Facebook  fan page, More about that shortly, but below you can watch my video about how to change the Facebook fonts, step by step.



As easy as copy and paste

There are several websites online that offers this service to help you change the Facebook fonts. And yes, using them are as easy as copying and paste, because that is what you will do on the sites. You simply type in the text you want to change the font for and then several options will appear for you. Then just follow the instructions to copy the font with your text that you want to use. Then simply paste it in on Facebook, on your wall or anywhere else on Facebook like for instance your fan page. You can search for more websites that you can use to change your texts fonts, by doing a Google search for “Fb fonts” or “Facebook fonts”. Some websites offers also the service of helping you to change the Instagram fonts as well. How ever, the two websites that I am using in this tutorial are:

  1. https://lingojam.com/FacebookFonts
  2. https://www.fancyfonts.top/facebook-fonts.html



Facebook fonts
Facebook fonts


Why change the fonts?

The reasons to why you should sometimes change the Facebook fonts when you are posting on your wall is several. First off, you create more eye balls on your content by standing out this way. You can also awaken your contacts and followers curiosity by using a different font. To really awaken peoples curiosity means also that you must be creative and stand out when creating your posts. Make sure to never come across as boring. Do not just write like every other marketer on Facebook. Be unique, be you.


Facebook fonts
Facebook fonts


Before you post

There are a few things you need to do before posting your post. to make sure to get as much attention as possible for your content. You should like and comment several of your contacts posts, do this at least for 15  minutes. So why should you do this? It is like a give and take strategy and it involves the Facebook algorithm. By commenting and liking other peoples posts you show that you care about them and their post and then you will receive more likes and comments to your own posts. Because more people will see and notice your posts as well.



We all want as much attention and exposure for our content online. If you are spending time on Facebook building your business, then changing the Facebook fonts is very useful to get more so called “eye balls” on your content. And like I have explained in this post, it is really easy to change the font using one of the websites that I have been using in this tutorial.¬† Because you do not need to know anything about html coding or such. You simply just copy and paste. Thank you for reading.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.

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