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Free traffic sources and scaling

Free traffic is that even something you want top spend your time on? Is it not better to just go for the paid options when nyou have the opportunity? It is true that free traffic strategies takes longer time to generate results from. With that being said that doesn't mean that all free traffic sources and strategies is a waste of your precious time. It has to do how good the free traffic is, but more so,it has to do if the free traffic strategies you are using is really enough  effective. But can you scale with free traffic? yes you can if you know what to post for instance on social media and if you know what to write to make people take action on your offer. Below is a tutorial video about how to do just that; scaling it up with free traffic sources with affiliate marketing. Feel free to check it out.





i have written many times about the importance of being consistent t when it comes to being successful with making money online, and it's true. The free traffic strategies that is revealed inside Partner and profit that I am sharing in the video above, is not something that will make you rich over night. However, if you take action on what you will learn inside this program and being consistent, yes then I bet you will see results. But again, do not expect too much over a short period of time.Do not give up just because you feel it is too difficult to make money with free traffic sources. Be stubborn and  focused, because those who doesn't give up are those people who will be winning. And again these  strategies will not cost you a dime. But then again if you want results faster then you maybe should use paid traffic after all. But free traffic methods are very valuable if you have little to no money to invest into your marketing. Some examples of free traffic and marketing options are;

  • Blogging
  • Uploading videos to Youtube and other video platforms
  • Doing Facebook lives
  • Writing articles
  • Posting on your Facebook wall and at other social platforms


Free traffic
Free traffic


What to post to make people take action through all these free marketing options is what you get training on inside the Partner and profit members area. It is a very beginner friendly training. As an paid member you will also have like a business in a box, because you will earn 100% on the whole sales funnel for this product. You get already created copy and paste materials that you can post on social media. You also get several autoresponder follow up emails created by a millionaire called Michael Cheney.


Free traffic
Free traffic



Free traffic can work for you if you have a good marketing strategy. Free traffic also does not mean that it is lousy quality on this free traffic. Free traffic strategies often means that it takes longer time to see results in comparison to paid traffic. But if you lack money then the free strategies that I have mentioned in this blog post indeed are very valuable. Not all free traffic is of the best quality, but the strategies revealed inside Partner and Profits are strategies that I am using myself daily for my business. As I have written before, the strategy that you have chosen to use will only work if you work it. So again, consistency is key.


Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

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