Wordpress seo plugin

WordPress seo plugin

Free WordPress seo plugin.I think you already know how important seo ( search engine optimization) is when it comes to blogging and getting results from your blogging. Seo is crucial to any website actually.Because you want of course as much exposure to your content as possible and that is why you really need to apply search engine optimization to each and everyone of your blog posts. Because we want our  content to be found on the net by as many people as possible.  This so that we can build our audience and make more money with our blog. So In this blog post I will talk about a free wordpress seo plugin called Smart crawl, that will help you get good or even great search engine rankings for your fresh content. Below is a step by step video tutorial on Smart Crawl.



Finding and applying

WordPress is the blogging platform that offers the most plugins, some you need to pay for but many plugins are free. Many oif the free ones is also good or even great. But to start using the free wordpress seo plugin called smart crawl you just have to;

  • Click on plugins at the side menu of your blog and search for it.
  • Then install it
  • Then simply activate it
  • Then follow the steps that I am showing you in the video above.



Wordpress seo plugin


Rankings and quality

So this free wordpress plugin helps you optimize your seo, your search engine optimization. But to rank your content is not enough. Each of your blog posts need to be of high quality. This so that you get more readers, snd so that they never get bored reading your content. Teach them something that can benefit them within marketing or what ever niche they are in. If you give them a ton of value they will sere you as the go to person of good information. Then they will know, like and trust you. I am sure you have heard the importance of these 3 words before… Know, like and trust, that is what we want to create between ourselves and our readers. So make them know, like and trust you. If you do that then you will surely start to see some results shortly from your blogging.


Wordpress seo plugin



If you do not want to spend money on WordPress plugins then you do not have to. Because Smart Crawl is a totally free WordPress plugin. There are many good or even great free ones to use and benefit from. Such as the free wordpress seo plugin  called Smart Crawl. Getting good  or even great rankings for your content is one thing but that is not all. You need to write quality content to make people read and mamybe  even click the links in your posts and buy from you. There is a high level of competition among bloggers, so you really need to make each of your blog posts as good as possible. Do not rush it when writing a post, take your time so that you can provide your readers with as much value as possible through your quality blog posts  Are you using Smart Crawl right now?. Feel free to comment below.


To your success, Tommy Olsson.


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