Google trends

Google trends and generating free traffic and more.

Have you heard about Google trends and do you know what it is all about?

Anyhow Google trends is most beneficial when it comes to content creation and keyword research. Let me explain further…

Google Trends is a web-based tool that enables users to investigate and find out the popularity of search terms and subjects. It offers information about the relative popularity and volume of searches for particular terms or subjects on Google's search engine. Users may compare and analyze the popularity of different  keywords, detect geographical interest, and spot trending themes using Google Trends, which displays the data as interactive graphs and charts.

The tool has a number of functions and capabilities, such as:

Users can compare the number of searches for various terms or subjects to get a sense of their relative popularity

  1. Time frame Selection: It allows users to specify a specific time range to analyze trends, such as the past hour, day, week, month, or even years.
  2. Geographic Insights: Google Trends provides data on regional interest, allowing users to explore the popularity of search terms across different countries, cities, or regions.
  3. Related Queries and Topics: The tool displays related queries and topics that are frequently searched along with the selected term, helping users identify related trends and interests.
  4. Real-Time Data: Google Trends provides near real-time data, offering insights into the latest trends and search patterns. You can also find out the trennds during a long time back in time as well.

Market research, content development, topic identification, gauging public interest in particular topics, and search engine optimization (SEO) strategy optimization are just a few of the uses for Google Trends. For people, companies, marketers, journalists, and researchers, it is a useful tool for learning about search behavior and user interests ll around the world. You can learn more about using Google trends by wathcing my video below.



Keyword research

Although you can find great keywords with Google trends, there are some things that you need to know if you are planning to use free traffic startegies to rank your content. You can use free keyword tools such as googles adwords or Uber suggest. When you choose keywords for your content using free traffic you should always choose keywords with a low competition level, because those keywords are easier to rank for then If you choose keywords with medium to high competitiuon level. Make sure that the monthly search voume for your keywords are 100k-10K. If you are willing to sepnd some money on your SEo well then of course you can buy ppc ads to rank for medium or high commpetition keywords. But if you onlye are going to use free traffic then I recommend that you follow the advice I just shared with you.

Another thing about finding the best keywords is that you may want to check out the sub categories for your inquery, research if any of you sunb bategories will work better for you when it comes to tanking then your man category. You can of sourse do several searches with different keywords to find that perfect keyword for your content


Google trends
Google trends


Search area /countries

You can choose  what  country you want results from with Google trends. If you are promoting something that is only available in your contry then you can do searches for your country. But if it is a product that you can promote globally then I would recommend that you search for results from the USA. Why? Because many people from the US are buying things online and are willing to spend money basically. The reasons for the fact that americans buys a lot online can vary. It can be because they want to check out reviews and recommendations: . Consumers can use this knowledge to make wise decisions about if they want to purchase the item or not. Other things that makes people decide if they want to buy an item or not is shared experiences and recommendations via social media and online forums.



Google trends
Google trends


Price Comparison Made Simple: Online businesses make it simple for customers to compare costs. They may rapidly browse through several websites that sell the same item and select the one that gives the greatest price.

People from other countries also buys online, but it is a known fact that people from The Us generally are willing to spend money buying things online. Canada for instance is also one of those countries and maybe New Zealand..



Yes Google trends is very useful regarding research for many types of professions and that includes online marketers. This because you can discover what people are searching for the most online, and with this knowledge you can use this information when you are planning your content creation. Although you can find great keywords and sub categories for the main key words, you should always perform a keyword research. This because you want to find the very best keywords to rank for. And as I have mentioned earlier in this post; if you are going to use only free traffic then there is some things you need to think about. That is to always choose keywords witha low competition level. But also make sure that the montly searches for those keywords are at least 1K.  Search for keywords that has between 1K- 10K monthly searches.

If you have money tto spend then you can of course use ppc campaigns and ads to rank for the medium and high competition keywords, But do not try to rank for them using free traffic. That will be way too difficult.

Are you using Google trends right now for keyword research and when creating new content? Feel free to drop a comment below.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson

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