Got backup

Got backup review and total walkthrough of this business.

That is what I am writing about in this blog post, and I of course will be sharing my honest opinions about Got backup as well.

I will present the Gotbackup compensation plan, the product and more. Below is also a video done by me where you will see everything at the Got backup dashboard.

The guy behind it

The man behind Got backup is Joel Therien, I am sure you have heard of him. He runs several successful businesses online. He have saud that he wants struggling affiiliates to really succeed with this opoortunity, because he used to struggle hard at the beginning himself.

The product

The product with Got backup is something that will make it so that peoplke never again have to worry about forgetting their passwords to different sites for instance. You will also be able to copy everything that you have on your computer. Your contenor information will also be saved on a third party platform. This to ensure that your information does not disapear. Should your storing space get full then you are able to purchase more storage.

The compensation plan.

In the compensation plan there are different bonusess offered, you can get a good overview of them by checking out the image below.

Got backup

Here follows more details about the compensation plan.

Direct Referral Pay – Personal Sales
Weekly Pay – Paid Every Friday with 4 Week Lag
Monthly Membership Commissions
200% Commission Earned on Members 1st Month.

25% Commission Earned on Each Additional
Month Member Pays.

25% Commission Earned on Each Additional
Upgrade Member Purchases at Any Time.

Yearly Membership Commissions
50% Commission Earned on Members 1st Year.

50% Commission Earned on Each Additional
Year Member Pays.

25% Commission Earned on Each Additional
Upgrade Member Purchases at Any Time

Monthly Pay – Paid Out on 1st Friday of Following Month
Resellers can have unlimted number of cycles, as
Binary Pays Infinity Deep.
How much one cycle pays varies upon the profitability
of the company each month. Binary commissions are
calculated at the end of each month.

Binary Qualification
Maintain Active Membership. (monthly or yearly)
4 Active Members Power Leg & 2 Active Members
Pay Leg Produces One Cycle Payable to You.
*We always advise that you place
members on outside leg position

Your Power Leg & Pay Leg can flip depending on which
Binary Leg has more Active Members.
Yearly Members are 12 Months Pre-Paid Active in Binary.

New RESELLERS You Directly Refer go in your Holding Tank after Wednesday Night Powerline
cutoff. Then, they can be placed by you where you want in YOUR Binary.
Customers DO NOT go into your Holding Tank, since Customers DO NOT have a Position in the Binary.

You get help building 2 legs of your downline but to make any money you must sponsor new members. As in any business you need to put in work to reach successs.

People can take a free tour of Got backup this is great for lead generation because in most cases people are interested in getting things that are free. Then when you email these tour takers and motivating them to become a paid member, well then you will build your business and your income.

Got backup


Members og Got backup get access to tools to help their businesss through social media, marketing for free. But now you can buy paid traffic through the ad coop that just have gotten started inside Got backup. To get results from free marketing methods takes hard work but can bbe totally worth it because of the powerful compensation of this business.

You can take the free tour here


You will not get rich over night by taking action on Got backup even if the compensation plan is good. Especially if you are using onlyt free traffic the results will take a while before they appear. But chances are is that you will generate free tour takers and so you need to connect with them and some of them will upgrade. Or you can aalso email them about other offers that you are promoting. You also need to sponsor new members like in any business, to make money.

The key to success involves that you follow up with your leads. Even iuf you invest in paid trafffic you are njot goimng to make much money if you do not follow up with your leads.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson

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