Copy and paste ads review

My Copy and paste ads review

You may have seen different ways of making money by copying and pasting before, but maybe you have not seen the business that I will share with you now. In any case it is called Copy and paste ads. I will reveal everything about this income opportunity in this Copy and paste ads review.

You can also find out more about this business in my copy and paste ads review video below.

What is in it for you?

Here follows the features you get accesss to as a paid member of Copy and paste ads..

  • Pre written ads, classified ads, emails and more.
  • 100 places to post your ads.
  • Step by step training.
  • Recorded trainings and webinars.
  • Ad tracking software.
  • Access to private Facebook groups.
  • More then 7 lead capture pages and funnels.
  • 15 auto responder messages.
  • Reverse 1 up compensation plan. This means that you will pass uo your second sign up to your sponsor.
  • You will earn $100 per sign up after you have passed up your second sign up to your sponsor.
  • Email support anf FAQ area.

You will pay a one time fee of $100 and a one time admin fee 0f $29. But there are no recurring fees.

Copy and paste ads review

Let us be real

If you stay consistend at put in the effort with posting on free classified sites then yes then you can make money this way. BUt if you want to build your income more effectively you have to spend some money on paid ads. Inside the members area you willl get access to in expensive paid ads, but also paid ads that generates better results and faster but this also means that they are more expensive.

How ever, The results speak for themselves. I have noticed that I pretty easy been able to generate leads both through the free methods that I have been using, as well as from some of the paid ads that I have been testing out., The regular, professional appearance of these advertising has helped build trust with my target audience.

Copy and paste ads review


You will not get rich by only posting ads on free classified sites, you need to invest in some type of paid ads to speed up your earnings. But that does not mean that Copy and paid ads is not a legit business.

Because , I cannot recommend copy and paste advertising highly enough to anyone that is looking for easy to follow trainings regarding internet marketing- This business fits both total beginners as well as more advanced marketers.. If you're looking to boost your internet marketing efforts, copy and paste advertising are a great place to start. You'll be glad you did it later!You simply need to realize however that if you only use free methods of marketing with this business then you have to work hard and your first sale may take some time. I hope you liked this Copy and paste ads review. Feel free to leave a comment to this blog post.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

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