Instant pay machine

Instant pay machine was launched a few days ago and I decided to sign up for this new system.

So what is Instant pay machine? Well I will share with you now everything there is to know about this new system.

To start with , the owner of Instant pay machine is Jenna Marie Stone and I have known her for more then a year now. She is a 7 figure earner in this industry.

Below is a video where I am goiung through the whole system step by step.

Check out Instant Pay Machine here

I actualy made my first commission of $500 pretty fast, thanks to the marketing training inside Instant pay machine. Below you can see an image I got after making that first commission, where Jenna con gratulated me.

Instant pay machine
Instant pay machine

So how does it work?

After watching the video presentation and then if you are ready to join then here is what you need to do. You follow the instructions and pays your sponsor $5000 and then you pay the $99 to the admin of the system. And if you are thinking that it is expensive then know that it takes money to make money online. Besides this is just a one time fee. Any how, after paying the fees you let your sponsor know that you have paid the fees so thast he or she can let the admin know that you paid so they can activate your account.

Then your follow the instructions in the back office to set up your Instant pay machine system. You for instance choose what payment processors you want to get paid through. It is a good idea to choose more then one payment processor.

Join theirs or set up your own

In the back office you will see your sponsors businesses and you can watch videos to find out more about these businesses. If you do not want to join any of them that is fine. Simply set up 3 of your own businesses so that when you get sign ups , these sign ups may sign up for your businesses. there are 4 or really 5 income streams within Instant pay machine. There are 3 businesses like I just told you about then you can earn affiliate commissions through Aweber or Getresponse.

Then there are this 5th income stream called easy$25. This is Jennas training where she teaches how to market successfully on face book and social media. She teaches how to attract people to you so that you can build youre list and make money.

Done for you content

Inside this system you get access to pre created email letters that you can just copy and paste into your autoresponder, and your affiliate links are already set up in these emails. You will also get access to content thhat you can post on Facebook to grab peoples attention and help you build your income. You just have to download the images.

Instant pay machine


You will get coaching and mentoring by jenna Marie Stone. She is a very good coach and she has a lot of knowledge. So that training a really believe will help you take your earnings to the next level.

Get started here

I learned today that there are more features added to the systeem what these features means or what they are, that I do not know and I can not tell you about them right now. That will have to be for a later blog post.


So what is so different with this system compared to other systems that is out on the net? Well I have never made sales so quick like I have done with Instant pay machine and this system is so easy to set up. I think this system will help a lot of sstruggling online marketers and affiliates. Take a look at it for yourself and make a decision.

All the best, Tommy Olsson

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