How to add a clickable link on tiktok

How to add a clickable link on tiktok in your profile bio section.

How to add a clickable link on tikok 2022.  Tiktok is one of the most popular social platforms right now, and also among online marketers. So are you using Tiktok to build your list as well as your business? Even if you do not have  a business yet then know that Tiktok is a great platform to use to start making money with affiliate marketing as well. It is true that not all users at Tiktok are interested in marketing or making money online, making money from home. Some people add funny videos, videos with their pets and some Tiktoks users are using this platform to inspire and motivate people. Being influencers. But many people are interested in ways to make money from home. And you can reach so many new prospects with the help of hash tags for instance. Tiktok is powerful when it comes to building a list, building a list for free. So in this video below I am showing you exactly how to add a clickable link on Tiktok in 2022. Because Tiktoks policies have changed regarding clickable links and more  recently.



In the past

In the past the rules for adding clickable links on Tiktok was a bit different. Because then if you had a personal account you needed to have 1000 followers to make your link clickable on your tiktok profile. But then when having a business account and switching it from a personal account, your link would be clickable at once. But not any more…


How to add a clickable link on tiktok
How to add a clickable link on tiktok

After the policy change

After Tiktok have changed their policy regarding clickable links this is how it works. It does not matter now if you have a personal account ot a business account to be able to have a clickable link in your bio section. No matter what account you have you simply need to have at least 1000 followers on tiktok. So if you wonder why your links no longer are clickable, then this is the reason for it. However, the advantage with having a Tiktok business account is that you get access to statistics and other cool features. But it does not cost you anything to switch to a business account. More and more marketers are getting  involved with marketing on tiktok as it is so powerful. Not only can you use the free methods to generate leads and sales, you also have the option to invest in paid ads.



How to add a clickable link on tiktok
How to add a clickable link on tiktok




We should use every functional  and effective way to promote our business and / or products and Ticktok is one of these very useful resources that you can use to make money online.Some say that email marketing is dead and that making money from a list no longer works, but that is not true at all. It still is very powerful.WE need to build our lists , because if you are not building your list then you are not building your list and your income. Here is where you get 600 leads within 4 days, and they also give you a powerful sales funnel to use. Thank you for stopping by to read my blog, welcome back at any time.

Best wishes, Tommy Olsson.

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