Google adsense

Google adsense Provides a way for you to make money from your WordPress blog or website.

This by so to say allowing advertisers that have signed up for adsense to put ads on your blog you can get paid as soon as someone clicks those ads  and buys something. All you have to do in order to earn recurring income is to post a lot of valuable content on your blog or website.  And of course, you need to set up Google adsense in order to get paid this way. You need to have at least 12 posts that are at minimum 500 words long to qualify to get your blog approved by Google adsense.  But if you write longer posts, then that is even better. Because Google loves content. So the more you write the better. Watch the video below to find out more about how to add Google adsense to your blog..


Setting it up

Google adsense is being used by about 2 million people right now. Although google adsense are used by many bloggers there are other platform that provides the same type of service, but in this tutorial I am focusing on just Google adsense. There are different ways that you can use to add Google Adsense to your WordPress blog but in the video and in this post I will explain how it is done by using the Divi builder. The Divi builder with Influx If you do not have access to Divi builder you can install a free wordpress plugin called Google site kit. Plus. To add adsense to your blog you somehow need to put a piece of code in certain places on your WordPress blog. You need to enter your blog or websites url into Google adsense as well, so that they can check your site to see if they can approve you to have adsense advertising on it.


Google adsense

Google adsense


Getting approved sometimes happens very fast but sometimes you have to wait 2 weeks or even longer time. If you are not approved then just check Google adsense guidelines and make the necessary changes to your blog so that you soon can get approved. You can choose where you want to have your Google adsense ads on your blog or website, and you can also choose what type of ads you want to have appearing on your site from inside Google adsense..



Google adsense

Google adsense


The traffic

When your blog is approved by Google adsense you need to drive traffic to your blog. You can do this through free strategies as well as paid. But if you have a limited budget then a good idea is to start off with free strategies. To get the free traffic you simply install social sharing buttons if you haven’t them set up already. Then you share your blog posts on as many social sites as possible. To get even more traffic to your blog you should include a video involving the same subject as in your blog post. Embed the video in your blog post. This will also help the search engine rankings for both your video and your blog post.



There are many bloggers that are making a good income by using adsense. But you need to drive enough traffic to your blog and be consistent with your blogging to get good results. You need to share plenty of value in your blog post, because Google wants the blog posts to help people out with delivering answers topotential questions that the readers may have? Are you using Google adsense on your blog right now or are you considering to get started with it?

Tommy Olsson.


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