How to connect stripe with woocommerce

How to connect stripe with woocommerce.

Are you thinking about getting your own e commerce website and/ or store?  Do you wonder how to connect stripe with woocommerce?

Not sure how to get paid from your store? Then this blog post is for you. E commerce and having a  e commerce store or website is pretty popular nowadays among marketers. There are about 12 million – 24 million eCommerce websites across the world, with more and more being created every  day.  But do not worry about the competition because there are opportunity to make  a lot of money through a e commerce site still. There are plenty of room for growth in this market. for .And when having a ecommerce store you of course need to be paid for your products and services that you offer. That goes without saying, wouldn't you agree? Therefor you need to set up some type of  payment gate way. Now Stripe is a very good payment gate way to use. So in this turorial I will explain step by step how to connect Stripe with Woocommerce. Feel free to check out my tutorial video regarding this below.


First off

To begin with, what is Woocommerce? Woocommerce is a WordPress plugin that makes it possible to start selling anything you want through your website or blog. It can be any product and service that you want to make money from.  By using Woocommerce you are able to set up and receive secure payments, configurable shipping options,  – for free. Stripe is also free to use and you can go to Stripes home page and set a account up in easy steps as well. Using Stripe means that you can get your commissions paid to your own bank account pretty fast. Stripe is great when it comes to getting paid for international sales and there are a lot of sophisticated integrations offered by Stripe as well.


How to connect stripe with woocommerce

Stripe are being used by a lot of companies to receive payments, send payments and manage and run their businesses online. There are other payment processors you can use to get paid through your e commerce store, such as paypal. But this tutorial will not address how to set paypal payments up at your e commerce store.

No sweat

If you are new to online marketing and setting up your own e commerce website and store, then maybe it sounds complicated to connect Stripe with Woocommerce, but it is really isn't. Not if you follow the step by step instructions shared in the video above, on how to connect stripe with woocommerce.  Previously I had never set up stripe and woocommerce and connected these 2 before, so I believe you will have no problem setting up them as well in short time. If you get stuck, then watch the video tutorial once again until you got it


How to connect stripe with woocommerce



Connecting stripe to woocommerce does not be thaat complicated as you can see in my tutoriaal video above. So now I hope that you really have found some golden nugget and maybe you got some aha- moments by reading this post on how to connect stripe with woocommerce. It is not that difficult to set up. when it comes down to it. Feel free to leave any questions and reflections below in the comment section. Thank you for reading

All the best, Tommy Olsson.

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