How to create a businesss website on WordPress.

How to create a business website on WordPress.

WordPress is a great platform when you want to create a website and a business website. Because no other platform has so many plugins to choose from and use as WordPress. WordPress is also very customizable. You can do  a lot with WordPress.  WordPress is being used by 64.8% of all the websites online. This is 41.4% of the top 10 million websites. So as you can see a lot of people are using wordpress and appreciates this platform. Anyway, in this tutorial I will explain and show you how to create a business website on WordPress in 2022. If you have a business then you really need to have a website. You need to have a website because you need to be found by people online, so that you get so called eye balls on your business. You also need a website for the sake of branding and creating a powerful online presence.You can check out my video tutorial below when I show you how to create a business website with WordPress and Influx Plus.




What is your choice?

There are plenty of other website builders out there that you can use to set up a simple website, but I personally use Influx Plus because it is regarded as one of the best website builders out there and it is very easy to use through a drag and drop feaature.  And also because you have everything you need for your business under so to say the same roof. You get access to a easy to use drag and drop website builder, a WordPress blog with all the plugins you need for your business and more. You get to being able to build any website; ecommerce store, membership sites and more. It is of course up to you what tools you will use to build your business website, the most important thing is that you actually build a website.


How to build a business website on wordpress
How to build a business website on wordpress


Free or paid?

You can create a business website for instance by using wix or  some other free website builder. But using such a  free platform,well you do not get access to all the top tools and resources as you get started with Influx Plus. You can have a look at Influx Plus to get your own opinion about this platform. Speaking of free, you get to get started setting up your website for free with Influx, through a 14 day free trial. This means that you have a total of 14 days to try out this platform and website builder, before you make the decision to pay anything. So you are perfectly safe this way.


How to build a business website on wordpress
How to build a business website on wordpress



I hope that you have learned something new about how to create a business website on WordPress by reading this blog post. I would say that it is better to  crate and have any website such as a free website then not to have any website for your business at all. However, I have shared my recommendations in this blog post of a platform that I strongly recommend. But feel free to check it out for yourself and get your personal opinion about Influx Plus. If you have any feedback or questions feel free to leave those below, thank you. Are you thinking about setting up a business website? Comment below.

All the best, Tommy Olsson.

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