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Create a ecommerce website.

Have you ever thought about getting your own  ecommerce website or ecommerce store? But isn't that too diffcult? No it is not, below in my tutorial I am showing you step by step how easy it really can be,

You do not have to have knowledge about html coding or anything like that to be able to build your ecommerce store, anyone can build their websites with Influx Plus. This because this page builder has an easy to use drag and drop feature. And when you sign up for a account ( I am showing you how in the video, then you can try out the whole system for a total of 14 days before paying anything. There are payment plans available to fit anyones wallet.  Now Optimizepress is also included at this platform.

ecommerce website


In comparison to similar page builder software it takes less time building your ecommerce websites when using Influx Plus. I use this platform for myself and my business. Other similar page builders takes sometimes hours in comparison to the 5 minutes to get everything set up as you get when you use Influx Plus. I am not lying, this is the truth. You can see for yourself how fast i set it all up in my tutorial video above. One of the reason why it is going faster with Influx is the the pre made themes so you do not have to start from scratch. You can edit the text and images, change the images and add your own and so on. Colors on your text and other graphics can also be edited.

ecommerce website

Connecting with customers

One cool feature is that you can set up a chat feature on your website  and when you have downloaded the hubspot app to your cellphopne, then you can connect with your possible customers at ones. because you will get a message on your cellphone as soon as anyone want to ask you something. That creates good relations with your customers as well. Customer care and good such is very important for any businesss  and business owner. Any customer would appreciate quick response to what ever question they have. Having access to a chat function on your website will increase your numbers of sale as well. if you give good and fast answers to your customers. By the way, hubspot is free to use, so that is even greater.


A blog is a amazing marketing tool.because when you have created new content it is online forever as long as you keep using it and staying a member of influx or what ever other blog platform you are using and paying for. But when you pay for your membership on Influx Plus the hosting for the blog is included.To every website you will create you will get a very good WordPress blog attached to it, with all the best plug ins that you will ever need. By having a blog attached to your website you will generate targeted free traffic to your ecommerce website as well. So if you do not want to spend money on traffic them you don't have to. The key is that you need to keep posting new content to make this free traffic method work.   Now Optimizepress is included within the Influx platform. Optimizepress is a great funnel builder that is beginner friendly. I hope you feel like you have learned now how it easy it can be to create your own ecommerce site and store. Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

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