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Podcast website and creating iit

Creating a podcast webisite.

Are you considering starting a podcast at your own podcast website? Or are you just curious about how to build such a site in general? Then this article may be worth reading to the very end. Podcasting is getting more and more popular, among marketers but also among other people. If you are new to podcasting then allow me to explain what a podcast is; a podcast is an audio program, just as Talk Radio, but you subscribe toa specific podcast on your smartphone and listen to it whenever you like and where ever you like, more or less.. Podcasting is a great way to build your online audience and getting the word out on what you are working on  as well as what your opinions are regarding different topics. And yes, I have done a tutorial video on how to create a podcast website, you can check it out below.



Not only for online marketers

Recording podcasts is not just for professionals or online marketers that does podcasts for branding and making money., it may be beneficial for people to use podcasts to get their opinions out about different topics, a podcast doesn't have to include activities to make money. However many podcasts by marketer are being used for branding and generating more leads and sales for different businesses According to Wikipedia in the year 2003  Apple published a script that made it possible for Itunes to download audio files from blogs. The purpose of this were so that people could sync these audio files to their cellphone or their Ipod devices. This made the interest for podcasts to drastically increase all around the world. I guess it is because then people do not have to read the specific content, instead they can listen to it as a recording, while doing other things at the same time.


Podcast website
Podcast website


Free vs paid

There are free podcast sites to use, such as  WordPress podcast feature on their free blogs. After you have written a new blog post you can choose to convert into a audio file as well, and your readers will find a link to your podcast on your blog post. However, when you have a paid website and/or service the options and available features can improve your branding and so on. Because the paid options usually means that you will look more professional on your podcast website.In the tutorial video above I am using Influx Plus witch is free to start for a total of 14 days.


Podcast website
Podcast website


And if I may say so myself the sites looks really professional.. You can discover that by yourself by watching the video attached to this post. The page can be edited in any way you want, all content on that website can be tweaked and edited to fit your taste. But free or paid service, the choice is of course up to you.

So there you have it, how to create a podcast website. There are other ways but this is the way that I prefer doing it with as I used this system myself, the platform with Influx Plus.. Are you planning to create a podcast website?

Until next time, take care.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

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