How to create an ecommerce website

How to create an ecommerce website.

How to create an ecommerce website. Making money wth ecommerce and ecommerce stores and website is quite popular these day. But how do you really set up and create a good ecommerce website? Isn't that very complicated and advanced? No it does not have to be that way anyway. Watch the video below to discover how to create an ecommerce website in easy steps…



What it is built on

What I am using in this video tutorial to build that ecommerce website is the Divi builder and WordPress. The all in one platform I am using also offers you to use Elementor to build your ecommerce website. But in this video, I have used the Divi builder. Like Elementor it is very easy to use because it has an easy to use drag and drop function. By using Influx entrepreneur, the platform Im using in the video above, you do not have to worry about expenses for buying themes and so on. You get access to that through the 14 free trial. Because all the templates that you need is already set up for you when using this platform called Influx plus.


How to create an ecommerce website


The steps to follow

So the steps to having your complete ecommerce website up and running is really easy. They are as follows:

  • Register and start your free trial.
  • Choose what membership package you want to invest in
  • Choose a website design through the drop down menu
  • Start to edit that chosen website template
  • Then simply save it and publish it


Types of websites

So what types of websites could you build with this drag and drop website builder?  Any website you want actually. You can choose from website themes within many different niches. You can create an ecommerce website for drop shipping or a website where you can sell your own products as well. Or you could create websites for others and sell them.

Getting stuck?

Should you have questions or if you should get stuck setting up your ecommerce website them contact support, they reply quite fast. Or you can go to the home page of Influx entrepreneur and go through the easy to follow step by step tutorials. there they teach you everything ina step by step manor so that you can have your website and business up and running as fast as possible. You simply visit the home page and then you click on “how it works” and then you will see all of those tutorial videos.


How to create an ecommerce website


Getting that domain name…

Another things that you need to have when your website is set up and all , is that you need to purchase a good domain name for your new eCommerce website. This is not something you can leave out when creating your ecommerce website. That is something you can do inside this all in one platform of Influx Plus as well. They offer reasonable fees wor those domain names. You need a domain name for the sake of branding but it also increases the possibility that people will find your business and eCommerce store easier online. Have something that has something to do with your business and niche within that domain name. Make it not too long, make it easy for people to remember, that way you could have recurring customers later on. It will be difficult to remember a complicated long  url adress that Influx entrepreneur or if you will, influx plus generates for you. You will also leave a more professional impression towards those people that visit your website.

To your success, Tommy Olsson.


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