Find the best keyword

How to find the best keyword.

How to find the best keyword. For every blog post you are writing you need to do a keyword research. This to make sure that people really find your content. If you are not doing a keyword research then you are basically writing those posts for nothing. When you decide what keywords you want to use , you want  that keyword phrase to be something that people are in fact searching for online. Another side to m it, is that you want it to be easy to rank for those keywords. This so that you get new so called eye balls on your content as soon as possible. In the video below I reveal how to find the best keyword when blogging.




No need to pay

You do not have to spend any money to do your keyword research. There are many free keyword research tools that you can use at no cost at all. In this tutorial I have been using Google Adwords keyword research tool. You only need to register for a free gmail account to get started with Google Adwords. You do not have to spend any money on any ad campaign, simply use their free keyword tool.


How to find the best keyword
How to find the best keyword


High, medium or low

So should you go for keywords with a high competition level, medium competition level or low competition level? I recommend that you always go for keywords with a low competition level. I will now explain why… Maybe it is tempting to go for keywords with high and/or medium level of competition if they have thousands of searches  monthly. But when you have  a brand new blog and if you do not want to spend money on paid advertising then it will become really difficult to rank for those keywords and it will take way to much much time as well. That is why the low competition keywords should be the ones that you will be focusing on. Even if the low competition keywords “only” have 1000 searches per month they are still worth targeting and using. Because if you write plenty of blog posts focusing on such keywords, over time you will discover that you get more traffic to your blog. Look at it on the long term. Let us say that you get 70 searches a month for keywords you are using, and then you maybe have 20 other posts with low competition keywords, then think about the traffic your blog can receive. Watch the video above to learn exactly how you will find the best keyword for your content. Many bloggers are in fact using this keyword strategy simply because it works.


How to find the best keyword
How to find the best keyword




So always do a keyword research when you are about to create a new blog post. Otherwise you will have no clue if what you are blogging about is something that people are interested in. Then choose always keywords with a low competition level with at least 1000 searches per month. This is especially important if you have a new blog and/or do not when to spend money on paid advertising. And be persistent with creating new fresh content. Feel free to leave your feedback to this post below.

All the best, Tommy Olsson.

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