How to make a blog with wordpress

How to make a blog with wordpress.

A WordPress blog is the type of blog that i truly recommend if you want to make money online and build your brand and income. In this tutorial I will show you how to make a blog with WordPress and Influx Plus.



The important plugin you need to have

How to make a blog with WordPress. There is one plugin in particular you need to have on your WordPress blog, and that plugin is named Google analytics. Because you need to see how well your blog or website is doing when it comes to traffic and clicks and so on.  You want to know how good your posts are doing, so that you can improve them if the results are less good then you have wanted. The same goes for your different pages on your WordPress blog. So in the video above I am showing you step by step how to set the Google analytics plugin up. It is quite easy.

The Divi builder

At Influx Plus we have the Divi theme which is very impressive and attractive. But then we also have the Divi builder and Elementor when it comes to building our websites and blog content. The Divi builder when it comes to how to make a blog with WordPress as well.

How to make a blog with wordpress
How to make a blog with wordpress

Admin 2020

When you click on settings at the toolbar to the left of your WordPress blog you will see a menu called Admin 2020. You can edit the background color of your blog add a header at the top of your blog, edit different features and much much more.

How to make a blog with wordpress
How to make a blog with wordpress

The blog posts

When it comes to writing your blog posts it is important that you add a category as well as tags for your blog post. this has to do with SEO, search engine optimization. You can add your chosen keywords for your post as a category as well as adding the keywords as a tag. Add many tags connected to the subject that you are writing about. Think about what people could be searching for online that has to do with your post and its subject. Tags are like keywords, so the more tags you will add the bigger the chance that someone will find your blog and its content in the search results. Regarding SEO; I am also mentioning and showing you in my video how to use the free plugin Smart crawl. It is a great free WordPress plugin that will help you optimize your content. The plugin will show you what you need to improve in your blog posts. You just enter a focus keyword and then the plugin will reveal what you need to improve. The blog posts should be at least 500 words long, but it is even better if you can write longer posts then that. Because the search engines loves content, so the longer post you can write, the better. And also, make sure that you link to another blog post as well as linking to a blog or website that ranks high for your chosen keywords. remember to add at least two images to your blog posts. This will help the optimizing of your content as well.



I recommend that you use a WordPress blog, especially if you are aiming to make money from your blog. I hope the tips that I have shared here will help you create good blog posts. Do you have a blog right now or are you considering to start blogging? Comment below.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.

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