Smart crawl seo plugin

Smart crawl seo plugin

The Smart crawl seo plugin is a very good WordPress plugin. This plugin will help you with optimising your pages and blog posts so that your content will be ranked high in different search engines. In search engines such as; Google,Bing and Yahoo. In the video tutorial below that I recorded earlier today I am using the platform of Influx Plus.




Do Not Leave It Out

So what is search engine optimization? SEO is Search engine optimization  is the work of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to a website through the searches people are doing in search engines. This type of free traffic is also called organic traffic. Unpaid traffic originates also from  image search, video search, academic search and news search,  And SEO is something that you simply can't leave out  in the picture, if you have a website. Because you want as many potential customers to find you and your content right? Because when anyone does a search in any of the search engine for your business or the keywords that you have set up for your business, then you want  the link to your website to be found  at the top of the search results. The Smart crawl seo plugin helps you with that. There is a lot of other websites and business owners that you have to compete with online in the search results, so that is why you need to optimize your website as much as possible. So that you potentially can out rank your competition. You should use every business to get the upper hand on the competition to get your business moving forward, and that is another reason to why you need to optimize your website.


Smart crawl seo plugin

Free targeted traffic

When you have optimized your website really well then you can actually receive plenty of free targeted traffic as well. Because a lot of people are performing searches in the search engine daily. This mean that you can potentially get a lot of visitors to your website. This way you do not totally have to be depending on paid advertising either. bUt of course to get more and better results you can combine this free traffic with paid traffic.


Smart crawl seo plugin

Just install it and follow the steps

Optimizing your website and pages is not that diffcult after all, not when you use the Smart crawl seo plugin. You simply install the plugin and follow the instruction in the video tutorial above,

So do you have a website? I reallyb believe that every business person should have one. Because having your own website is another way for you to generate leads and sales,and it also great for the sake of branding. If you do have a website then I really hope that you have optimized for SEO: If not then get to work with it as soon as possible. And getting and installing the Smart crawl seo plugin is a smart first step to take.

Thank you for reading.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.

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