Aweber push notifications

Aweber push notifications and how to set it up.

The features with web push notifications is very powerful and valuable for your website, because you can make more money if you have this feature set up. You are able to improve the engagement rate and conversion rates with the help of web push notifications. What web push means is that when people visit your website they will see this message appearing, asking your visitors if they will allow push notifications. If they click on the yes option, then you can message them when ever you want to through automation. The visitors to your website will receive your message at once and in real time, when they have allowed to receive these web push notifications.. The benefits with push notifications is that your visitors only have to click and allow these notifications. So there is not complicated opt in process this way.. Below is a tutorial video on how you can set up aweber push notifications, even if you are a free user.



Yes Aweber offers a free account where  you can build one list and have access to several of the features inside Aweber such as setting up the aweber push notifications. You can also as a free user create unlimited landing pages for free and of course build your list and send emails. You can also integrate the services you already are using into Aweber.


Aweber push notifications


Setting it all up

The steps to set up your aweber push notifications features are as follows…

  • Go to the menu to the left and click on “Web push”.
  • Click on the button where it says “get started”.
  • You can upload a logo or remove the image section on the page that opens. Then enter your websites URL address.
  • Click on the save button
  • Copy the code and paste it in before the /body tag on your website then click on verify inside Aweber.  You can also install a wordpress plugin  that will help you with this, if you have a WordPress website.
  • Download the setup file, unzip it and upload it to the root directory of your website.


You can get more detailed instructions about each of these steps inside your Aweber account. However if you have issues with uploading the file to your root directory, then contact your hosting service so that they can help you. This feature with Aweber push notifications will not work completely correct with shopify and Mix websites.


Aweber push notifications



To some visitors to your website this feature where they have to make a choice about receiving this notifications, may feel a bit annoying. However by using this resource you could get more customers into your business. Setting up push notification feature onm your website can help you to build your list and help you sell more products. Even if the steps with the setup with aweber push notifications may seem complicated at first, well it may seem more difficult then it really is. And if you get stuck just contact the Aweber support staff or your hosting provider. You can sign up for your free Aweber account here.

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