Write  a blog post.

Write a blog post, a very good blog post. If you are new to blogging and you are not sure how to write a blog post a good blog post then keep on reading.

I will explain everything you need to know about how to write a blog post that grabs peoples attention now.

  To start with. I recommend that you get yourself a WordPress blog with your own domain name and hosting, simply because you can edit it easily to have it look pretty much any way you want it to. And also because there are so many good plugins you can use at WordPress, and many of them are free to use. Ans like I mentioned before Invest in your own domain name and hosting so that you have more control over your blog. If you have a limited budget then yes, then you can use for instance Googles free blog called blogger or a blog at Wix.'

The length of the blog post

Google and other search engines likes a lot of content, so your blog posts need to be at least about 500 words long when you write a blog post. It is good if you can write maybe 500-700 words or even 1200 words- I would suggest that you in fact writing 1200 in each of your blog posts. The more text the better. that way your blog content can rank well in the search results. But when it comes to search engine rankings, there are other things involved as well. Maybe you are wondering how you will be able to come up with 1200 words. Well the more you blog the better you will be at formulating your content and using more text in your blog posts. But focus first on writing at least 500 words in each post.

Write a blog post
Write a blog post

Linking, tags and categories

When you are about to make a new blog post you always need to do a keyword research. Do not choose keywords with a too high level of competition. Choose a keyword with low competition or medium level of competition. Put your keywords at the beginning of your subject line, to make it stronger when it comes to SEO you can also put it in the end of your subject line. Then add your keywords as an category. Then add your chosen keywords as tags. Add as many tags as you can think of, think about what people may be searching for online. If you are blogging about making money you can for instance choose tags such as; how to make money online,make extra money,make money on the side, make easy money, make money from home. You should also link to a earlier blog post that you have written. You also should have outbound link, links to another website or blog that ranks at the tops at the search results involving your keywords.

Write a blog post
Write a blog post


You should always add images in your blog content. This because it will be more fun for your readers to read your content. But it also has to do with SEO. Name your images with your chosen keyword, and fill out your keyword in every field for the image; in the caption filed and alternate text. This will help the searchy engine optimization of your blog content. This is what you have to be applying when writing your blog posts.


So get your own WordPress blog with your own domain name to help you with the branding of you, and hosting so that you have as much control of your blog as possible. And follow the tips about the structure of a good blog post that I have shared in this blog post. Do you have a blog or are you considering to start blogging?

To your success. Tommy Olsson.

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