Hubspot tutorial

Hubspot tutorial


I recorded this Hubspot tutorial video earlier today. Now, hubspot has a lot of good and cool features when it comes to email marketing. But the features with Hubspot that I will focus on here is how to add an opt in form on your website, so that you can get started building that list of yours.

And Hubspot actually hasĀ  a free plan as well. It is quite easy to set up a email opt in form with Hubspot, as you can see in the Hubspot tutorial video below. You can always re watch the video in case you have missed something when you are setting up your email opt in form with Hubspot.


The truth about making money from a list

The phrase: “the money is in the list is very well used, but is it any truth to it? Well I would say it is true to a degree. The money is in the list when you known how to write emails that will make your subscribers click on your links and buy from you. To make that happen you must create some type of relationship with your list. It doesn't work to just spam link to products in your email. You need to be creative when writing your emails. try to entertain your subscribers, put a smile on their faces. Then every now and then you can of course share links to products and so on that you recommend. Use story telling and then use that story to link it to what you have to offer. People will like to be entertained, they do not want to be bored.


Hubspot tutorial


The necessary help

But even if you are pretty new to email marketing I still want to motivate you to build a list. Keep learning more about email copy and email marketing and keep practicing. If you do that then I am sure that you sooner or later will make sales through your list. To help you with building your list I recommend Hubspot that I have domne a tutorial about today. I will not mention all the features with Hubspot but there is many things you can use this software for. There are a lot of auto responder providers online, but I have come to really like Hubspot actuallly. Because there are so many different things you can use it for. Now about building a list, I have read that some peoplet hink that email marketing is dead, I do not believe that at all. I think every business owner should have a auto responder and a list. Because then you will have a group of people of potential buyers that you can email when ever you want to.


Hubspot tutorial


Do you have one?

Do you have a auto responder service connected to your website and/ or blog? If not then I would say that you really need to get one so that you can build your business more effectively. You can use Hubspot or some other auto responder provider. The main thing is that you have a auto responder.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson

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