Keyword research

Keyword research.

Keyword research is simply a must.

Otherwise you have no idea if your chosen keyword has enough searches to be beneficial for your blog content. But what is a keyword then? A keywords is a word that can be associated with a particular subject, document or moment. It is used to explore or run specific searches in the title, in subject, and in write ups, in documents and for internet search as well. You need to do a keyword research for every blog post you are planning to write. You can't just hope that people will find your content anyway, without doing a keyword research. You simply need to do a keyword research for  each of your posts otherwise you will not have a clue if the keywords you are using are any good or not. You also need to find the right and the best keyword for your post, but more about that later. Below is my keyword research tutorial.


The types of keywords

In my keyword research tutorial above I am using Uber Suggest, but there are other free keyword research tool you can use as well. Such as Adwords keyword research tool. I recommend that you always use keywords with a low competition level, this way it will be easier to rank for those keywords, especially if you are using organic traffic. You can use keywords with a medium level of competition but avoid high competition keywords. It can also be a good idea to check out related keywords to your main keywords to see if you can find even better keywords. Watch the video above to learn more about that and other things regarding keyword research. It is good if you have at least 3 keywords followed by each other. For instance “make money online“, as a long tail keyword. This will help your search engine optimization. Your chosen keywords should have between 1000-5000 monthly searches and have a low competition rate.

Keyword research
Keyword research


How many then?

So how many keywords should you add in every blog post then? Well, you can add a lot of keywords but remember that your content must be easy to read for your readers. To just add a ton of keywords will make you sound like a robot or machine. You need to write in the same way as people are talking in their daily conversations, it should sound natural. On this blog I am using a free WordPress plugin names Smart crawl. That plugin makes it easy to get an over view on what you need to improve in your content. Such as the amount of  keywords, back links and more. You just have to add your focus keywords and the plugin will show you what you need to improve in your post.

Keyword research
Keyword research


So remember to always do a keyword research for each and everyone of your blog posts. You can not count on luck that someone will find your content anyway. You may get lucky at some occasion but you need to make sure that people really find your content by using a keyword research. Because there are many bloggers out there to compete with and you do not want to play games with your success. So do not leave it to chance or luck Because if you are not doing a keyword research for your blog content that would be like getting lost in the dark. Are you doing keyword research for your blog content? If not, then I strongly recommend that you start doing that.

All the best, Tommy Olsson.

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