Linkedin algorithm

Linkedin algorithm update.

Linkedin has recently made changes to its algporithm. So what will this change with the Linkedin algorithm mean for marketers? I will go into that shortly, and I also going to share seo tips with you on how to optimize your Linkedin profile. Below is a video tutorial that covers these topics.

What is Linkedin?

If you are not quite sure what Linkedin is, then let me explain. LinkedIn is a social media website and professional networking platform that is largely used for business and career-related purposes. It was created in 2002 and has since evolved to become one of the world's largest and most popular professional networking sites. Individuals can use LinkedIn to construct profiles that act as online resumes, highlighting their education, employment experience, abilities, and accomplishments.

LinkedIn's primary features are as follows:

Users can create thorough profiles that highlight their professional background, such as their employment experience, schooling, qualifications, and talents.

Users can make connections with other professionals, coworkers, and acquaintances. These contacts can promote and encourage each other's skills, which can assist develop credibility.

Users can share articles, posts, and updates relevant to their industry or interests. This can aid in the development of expertise and interaction with others in the professional community.

Company Pages: Businesses can create their own LinkedIn pages to promote their products, services, and job openings. Users can subscribe to these pages to stay up to date on corporate news.

LinkedIn Learning provides several courses and tutorials on a variety of topics, including business, technology, and creative skills. These resources are available to users in order to help them improve their professional knowledge and skills.

Professionals, job seekers, recruiters, and businesses all use LinkedIn to connect, network, attract talent, and promote their services. In today's world, it has become a crucial platform for developing and sustaining a professional internet presence.

Linkedin algorithm

What is it and What does the changes mean?

First off, what is the Linkedin algorithm?`Linkedin's algorithm is a complicated method that the network uses to determine what material shows in a user's feed and in what order it appears. This algorithm's purpose is to offer users with material that is relevant and entertaining to them, improving their time spent on the site and overall user satisfaction.


LinkedIn's algorithm takes your connections and network into account. It is more likely to display content from people with that you are linked or have already chatted with

Engagement: The algorithm considers the level of engagement received by a post. Posts having a higher number of likes, comments, shares, and views are more likely to be seen by a larger audience.

Relevance: LinkedIn makes an effort to display material that is relevant to your interests and industry. To make these determinations, it examines your profile, career history, and the topics you engage with.

Content Format: At different periods, different sorts of content, such as text posts, photographs, videos, and articles, may be preferred. Based on user activity, LinkedIn may prioritize specific formats.

  1. Timing: The recency of a post matters. Recent content is more likely to be displayed prominently in users' feeds.
  2. User Behavior: LinkedIn also takes into account your behavior on the platform. If you frequently engage with posts from a particular user or company, you're more likely to see their content.
  3. Connections' Activity: The algorithm considers what your connections are engaging with. If many of your connections are interacting with a specific post, it may be shown to you as well.
  4. Followers: If you have followers (people who follow your content without being connected), your posts can appear in their feeds based on their interests and interactions.
  5. Hashtags and Keywords: The use of relevant hashtags and keywords in your posts can increase their visibility to users who follow those topics.
  6. LinkedIn Groups: Engagement within LinkedIn Groups can also influence the content you see. If you are a member of groups and participate in discussions, you may see more content from those groups
  7. Sponsored Content: LinkedIn's advertising platform allows advertisers to target specific demographics and interests. Sponsored content may appear in users' feeds based on these targeting parameters.

So what does the changes with Linkedin algorithm really mean for marketers? Well, linkedin will reward content where you share a lot of value. They will reward you if you write content that teaches people something. They will not reward content with more eye balls on it if the content is something that does not need to be on Linkedin. Like for instance spammy post of different types. In other words; quality goes before quantity. So in order to get most exposure on your content make sure to always share plenty of value in that content.

Linkedin algorithm

Optimizing your Linkedin profile

Here follows advice on how to get more views and exposure for your Linkedin profile. In your bio /about section present yourself and what type of services you can help people with. Explain why people need your help. Make sure to add keywords in your bio several times. If you for instance want to brand yourself as a business coach, then enter “business coach” in your bio multiple times

Because when people search for your keywords then your profile may show up on top of the search results and this way more people can find you on Linkedin.. You can add links to your videis or capture page even if the links will not be clickable. Because people may copy and paste them into their web browser and check them out anyway. Make sure that you have a proffessional looking profile photo and add a banner that is branded towards you. You can create a banner for free at


The changes with Linkedin algorithm means that they reward content with quality before quantity. Spammy posts or such will not be rewarded with more aware of these changes with the LInkedin algorithm? Did you learn something new by reading this blog post? Feel free to leave your commentsa below.

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