Making six figures

Making six figures.

Making six figures can sound hard to believe when you are struggling to make any money att all online.

In fact it can sound like a fairy tail.  And there are products and programs out there that is hyping up how easy it it is to become a six figure earner. But it really is realistic ways for you to accomlish that, to be making six figures. It will not be a fast process and yes, it will take consistency and hard work. But nothing worth having takes little to no effort. So putting in a big effort should not be something that you want to avoid. About struggling; I know what it is like to be struggling with making money online, I did so for a long time. Nowadays I enjoy much more success.

Anyhow, I will be sharing tips now on how you really can be making six figures with affiliate marketing if you put your mind to it..



Blogging is one way to become a high income earner but let us not kid our selves. It will require hard work for a pretty long time before we generate any big results. It can take up to one year or longer before you saee any big money coming in from your blogging.  If you are going to be successful with blogging you need to share a ton of value and ofte. You need tp regurlary put out new fresh content for yopur audience to benefit from. Through youur content you need to be a problem solver for your readers. Find out what they have issues with no matter what that issue involves. THen provide them with a solution through your blog content. Every blog post you write it should include 1000-1200 words. This to improve your chances of having your content rank high in the search engines.

Become the person your audience will go to for answers. Become the expert in your niche, and yes it is very important that you choose a niche.


Making six figures
Making six figures


Tiktok  and Instagram

Tiktok and Instagram is two great free platforms that you can use to get your message out. Focus on one platform an be consistent. Do not start promoting on another platform untikl you get good at promoting on one platform. When you see resultsa coming in in shape of leads and sales, then you can start to marketing on another platform. You actually can get a lot of leads and sign ups using these 2 platforms. But again, you need to be consistent and never quit and give up if you see very little results. Hust keep learning more strategies and apply at once what you have learned.  Because knowledge that you do not apply is wasted knowledge as well as wasted time. Now about learning here is where you go then…


What about Youtube?

Youtube is another good option when it comes to generate free organic traffic. With a small Youtube channel it may be hard to get that much results. But everyone have to start from some where. So if you do not have a large channel then upload at least 3 videos per week. Share tutorials on products and services that you are already using. People like these type of tutorials. Always leave a call to action att the end to join your list or check out the offer that you are promoting.

To get maximal exposure for your videos, share them on other video platforms such as Odyssey. I use it myself and I like it. You can sign up for it at no cost.

You can combine all the three platforms over time to get cfloser to making six figures. You also need a good offer, a offer that pays well.

Then this is what I recommend. You can even make $1000 commissions by investing just $1 dollar. By the way, it has a life time money back garantee too.



So can you really make six figures online or is it just some hyped up statement from Gurus? Well you really can make 6 figures but you need to be ready to give it time and really put in some hard work. And do not just give up or quit just because things are not going your way. Everyone struggles at some point in their journey, even top earners and the so called Gurus. Winners do not quit so do not quit. When you have made some money from the free traffic strategies that I have been sharing here, then I would suggest that you investn into paid traffic. This to build your income and business faster. You can still use the free strategies of course to get even more momentum.

Making six figures
Making six figures

And please do not buy into the product creators statements that it is easy andgfast ways to m´be making six figures, because it is simply not true. Because they just want to sell their products. You need to really work hard to make those higher commissions. There are other ways to make six figues then through affiliate marketing and high ticket marketing. But because this is my passion then I share these tips with you.

Your hard work will be worth it at the end I promise. But then you simply can not give up on your goals and dreams that you have. So are you promoting a high ticket product right now? Or are you considering getting involved with high ticket marketing? If not, why? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Thank you for readinng and welcome back to this blog at any time..


Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.

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