One page funnel

One page funnel.

One page funnel is a system that I am using daily in my promotions.

I will share with you all the features with this newbie friendly system that helps you to close mid ticket and high ticket sales in this blog post.  This system not only is very valuable for newbies but also for more experiences marketers. There are many top earners that are using this automated system. I will also explain what mid ticket and high ticket sales is and the benefit of promoting mid ticket and high ticket products. Below is a video review and tutorial on One page funnel that I recorded yesterday. Feel free to check it out.



Mid ticket & high ticket

High-ticketproducts are products that have a large cost to purchase but are really valuable to the buyer. Unlike lower-priced products or services you pay for all the time, people usually buy high-ticket items infrequently

A high-ticket product costs a lot but offers a lot of value as well.

It is beneficial to promote high ticket and mid ticket offers because you will make more money per sales compared to a low ticket product. This way you will increase your online earnings more rapidly. The price benchmark for what’s considered “high ticket” varies , but the general price is around $1,000.

The price for a mid ticket product is products thhat costs up to $500



Why do it?

Maybe you have issues with selling low ticket products sometimes, and then you may question why you should promote mid ticket and high ticket products. This as it seem hard enough to sell low ticket products. Well when you know how to promote mid ticket and high ticket products it will not be that diffcult to make sales for them. Share the benefit with buying the products and the solution it will provide for the prospect. If you do this well then you will make those mid  ticket and high ticket sales. More and more marketers are getting involved with high ticket marketing, because they realize the value of it. Because they are making more money per sale and do not have to get burned out when marketing. They build their income more effectively.

Then what is great is that the One page funnel will close these sales for you so you do not have to worry about it. Bercause as soon as someone opts into your capture page, then high converting emails are being sent out to your leads. So all you have to do is to drive traffic to your capture page. And the One page funnel costs only a one time cost of $7, there are no recurring fees. Training on how to drive free and paid traffic is shared in the members area of the system.


One page funnel
One page funnel


More about the system

When you pay the 7 you will earn 30%-40% commissions its optional to upgrade to the commission booster to be making up to 80% commisssions, but that is totally up to you of course. When your referals share their capture page and make sales you will earn commissions as well Another thing is that your referal links is cookied for life. This means that if someone visits your link  and do not buy from you but does it late from someone elses capture pager, then you will still make the sale because they visited your page first. And this is something you will benefit from for life. .There are also other upgrades  that you can choose to invest in if you want, like different sources of paid advertising.


One page funnel
One page funnel



Many marketers are struggling onnline when it comes to making sales. The One page system is a solution to how to get away from that. This system converts very well and it is done for you in many ways. All you need to focus on is to drive traffic to your capture page. About that, always promote the capture page and not the sales page, because you need to build your list.  Becaus eif you promote your sales paghe  these people may only see your offer once. But when you build a list you can promote again and again to your leads. So avoid promoting the sales page.

About that is a done for you automated system. You still need to put in the work. Either you drive as much free traffic to your capture page or you pay for traffic to generate those leads. You can not just releax and do not do anything. That goes without saying. But many people even newbies are making money with this system, and you can view testimonials inside the members area as well in our supportive Facebook group. More and more marketers are getting involved promoting mid ticket and high ticket offers, and there is a reason for that. Because you make more money per sale and you do not have to work so hard to reach your income goals.

Are you using a marketing system right now? Feel free to drop a comment belwo. Thank you for taking the time to  read this blog post.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.


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