Optimizepress and integrating Aweber.

Optimizepress is a plugin that I have been using now for a while, and in this tutorial I will share with you how to integrate Aweber to Optimizepress.

That is if you have had issues in integrating Aweber with Optimizepress. When I was starting out using Optimizepress I only had some small issues with integrating my Aweber autoresponder, but the steps to follow is quite easy once you know how it is done.

You can of course also connect other autorespinder services with Optimizepress and I will be sharing information on those as well. Below is a tutorial video on this topic that I recorded yesterday.

About Aweber

AWeber is a platform for email marketing and automation. It offers tools and features that assist organizations and marketers in creating, managing, and automating email marketing campaigns. Users can use AWeber to create and send professional-looking emails, as well as construct email lists, segment subscribers, and track campaign performance.

As an email marketing service provider, AWeber is regarded as reliable. It has been in business since 1998 and has a solid reputation in the industry.

The necessary steps

The steps you need to take to connect Aweber to Optimizepress is to click on Integration under the Optimizepress menu. On the page appearing you click on add new integration. Then you choose Aweber in this case. Then you will get to the Aweber login page and there you click on allow. After you have done this step there is something ewlse you need to do to make Aweber send out the emails to your subscribers.

You need to click on funnels and then funnels dashboard and then you need to open the opt in page in Optimizepress editor. Then you need to clcik out side the area where the optin form is and the submit button. Then you will see a Aeber image and then you click on edit integration. Then you just have to follow the step by step instruction that I am showing you in the video above. It is a simple process just follow the instructions.


Other services that you can integrate

Other services that you can intergrate with Optiumizepress are:

  • Active campaign
  • Campaign monitor
  • Campaign refinery
  • Constant contact
  • Convertkit
  • Drip
  • Demio
  • E-goi

Are they still important?

Are autoresponders still important for online marketers? Or have something changed about that?

autoresponders are still vital to marketers. Autoresponders are email or messaging sequences that are triggered by specified actions or events, such as a user signing up for a newsletter, purchasing something, or abandoning a shopping. Marketers may use automated messaging to engage with their audiences, nurture prospects, and offer tailored content at scale.

Here are a few reasons why autoresponders are still useful to marketers: Although things are changing within marketing with new technology, autoresponders continue to be an important tool for engaging prospects, nurturing leads, and maintaining customer relationships. Marketers may use autoresponders to provide targeted, timely, and relevant communications to their audience, boosting conversions and meeting marketing goals. With an autoresponder you can build lists of possible buyers so that you do not have to chase people all across the internet.

You can check out Optimizepress here.



There is no doubt that online marketers need to build a list, a buyers list. The saying “the money is in the list” is very true. It becomes a truth when you create a relationship with your list. When you make your subscribers like, know and trust you.

And to nuild a list you need of course a well converting opt in page that is connected to an autoresponder service. Optimizepress provides high converting opt in pages that are already created for you and it is easy to edit and tweak those pages.It is also easy to connect those pages to your autoresponder. I have explained and revealed in this post how you inj easy steps can connect Aweber to Optimizepress.Are you usinf Optimizepress? What are your opinions about it?

Feel free to leave your feedback to this blog post.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

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