Sendiio 3.0 review

Sendiio 3.0 review

Sendiio 3.0 has recently gone live. It went live on the 7th of february att 11 AM est. Sendiio  is a product that have been launched before through earlier versions of this product.

But there has been some uppdates and improvements with Sendiio 30 compared to the earlier versions of the product. I will reveall all bout that in this Sendiio 3.0 review.

Like many other digital products nowadays Sendiio 3.0 includes AI; artificial intelligence. The guy behind this product goes by the name of Joshua Zamora I am giving you a total walk through of  this product n the Sendiio 3.0 review video below, I reveal all you need to know about this new product and my honest opinions in this review.



Check out Sendiio 3.0 here

The features

Sendiio 3.0 is a unique autoresponder that combines  Artificial Intelligence with The power of Email, Text, and Facebook Messenger Marketing Under ONE Central Dashboard. Your customers can now tap into the 3 MOST profitable marketing channels with Sendiio 3.0. TThose channels are;  email marketing,facebook messenger marketing.


Sendiio 3.0 review
Sendiio 3.0 review


So what is new?

So what is new with this new version of Sendiio?

These are the features that was not included in the earlier versions of Sendiio;

  • AI emails, sms and messenger copywriter. Instantly create emails, texts and social messages without writing anything yourself.
  • AI subject writer. Instantly create high converting subject lines for your emails.
  • Hybrid sequences feature. You can send out your messages in different ways, through email, throught sms texts, through ringless voice mail or a message on Fb messager.
  • Live calling feature with recordings. You can make lives from inside the app and get your recordings automatically saved.
  • Add blocks feature. Add image or text ads in the PS area of your emails.
  • Automated list ckean up. Automatically remove inactive subscribers.Automted language translations for emails.
  • Automated  subscribers geo location.
  • New user interface.
Sendiio 3.0 review
Sendiio 3.0 review


My conclusions

When you first log in to the product you might get a small experience of over whelm, regarding how to do everything with all the features inside Sendiio 3.0. But once you watch the different tutorials everyhing will fall into place. They are very detailed and are recorded in a easy to grasp pace. The many features you will get access to I believe will help marketers to promote ands build their business further. So I give this product my recommendation. Thank you for checking out this Sendiio 3.0 review.

If you want to get your copy of Sendiio 3.0 then you should know that it is in dime sell. That means that the longer you wait the more money you will have to pay for it.


The bonuses

These are the free bonuses that you will receive from me instanly at Jvzoo when buying the fron end offer of Sendiio 3.0

💫 Raiken. Go froim broke to $100k a month through Ebay. ($97 value)
💫 How to make $350 per day sending emails. ($97 value)
💫How to write head lines and emails that sell. ($137 value)
💫Private Facebook Support Group – ($197 Value)

Get Sendiio 3.0 and bonuses here



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