Sms phone leads

Sms phone leads tutorial.

Sms phone leads tutorial. The other day I blogged about sms marketing and what it is and so on, because sms marketing is really popular nowadays because it can be really powerful.. Today I want to share with you a system that I use myself for my sms marketing, it goes by the name of Sms phone leads. I did a video yesterday where I share everything you need to know about Sms phone leads and the new updates with this system. You can watch the Sms phone leads tutorial video below.



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What is new?

One thing that is new with Sms phone leads is that you now can get in on this automated sms marketing system for just a one time payment of 10 dollars. Yes, there are no recurring fees after you have paid the 10 dollars. A two step funnel is now also available where a free micro book is being offered, this to help the users generate more leads and sales. And it is really easy to set up this 2 step funnel. watch the video above to find out exactly how this is done.


And more…

For the 10 dollars you will have access to automated text and audio messages that gets sent out to anyone that calls the phone number that is connected to your account at Sms phone leads. You will also be able to collect first name, email adress and cell phone number from one number. You will also receive among other things a mind map  from the owners of this system and other bonuses. You will for instance receive 250 starter credits as soon as you pay the fee and logging in to Sms phone leads.


Sms phone leads
Sms phone leads

The tools

As you can see in the tutorial video I am going through all the tools and features that you  get access to once you paid the 10 dollars at Sms phone leads.


Earning potential

Besides building all your income streams with this system you are also able to earn a nice sum of money through affiliate commisssions.  Because you have the potential to earn 221 dollar from 1 lead. Check out the image below to learn about the structure of your earning potential.


Sms phone leads
Sms phone leads


It works while you sleep, oh really?

It may sound like hype hype but it is true. Yes this Sms phone leads system will work while you sleep or when you are doing other things in your marketing. That is as long as you drive traffic to your funnel by sharing your phone number connected to Sms phone leads. And you can also buy more of those phone numbers. You can share your phone number for free for instance on social media or invest in paid advertising. Training regarding this you will access inside the members are of Sms phone leads.


Check Out Sms Phone Leads Here


So there you have it,. that is what is new  with Sms phone leads and also a total walk through of this sms marketing system that I am personally using as well.., I hope you like this content. Are you using sms marketing right now? Feel free to leave a comment below. Welcome back to my blog to find out more about my content at any time.

All the best, Tommy Olsson.

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