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I have blogged about We got friends earlier when it was in pre launch, and now this business has launched and gone live.

We got frtiends is a business that can help people to launch a complete business for less then $100. The founder of this business is a guy by the name of David Dubbs. In this We got friends tutorial I will reveal everything you need to know about this new business. I will tell you about the products , the comnpansation plan and much more. Below you can watch my We got friends tutorial video.



The products

The products that you will get your hands on as an upgraded member are as follows.

  • 100 leads per month
  • An Ecommerce store where you can sell other types of leads.
  • The link in bio tool
  • Get big discounts from our travel club
  • Make and save money from our Cash bacj club
  • Top notch coaching

About these products, you will not earn commissions if your referals order anything in our travel club, but you will be able to receive huge discounts on hotels and travels.

The link ijn nbio tool. With this tool you can have like a downline builder visual to your We got friends down linne and on other places on the internet. You can post libks to whart you are promoting and those links will appear on a landing page with your personal photo on it. So make sure that you upload your photo as it is great for branding. So that people can see who you are and so on.


We got friends
We got friends


Purpose of leads

Keads are one of the products in this business. It is said that leads is a must have for every business, but why is that`Let me explain…Leads are potential clients who have expressed interest in the products or services of an online business. Leads are people or businesses who have shown interest in or interaction with the company in some way, either by supplying their contact information or by doing a specific action, like signing up for a newsletter, downloading a free resource, or submitting an enquiry.

Here are some explanations for why online firms require leads:

Leads are the lifeblood of sales and the generating of income. Businesses have the chance to convert leads into actual customers, creating sales and money, by capturing leads and nurturing them via the sales funnel. So that is why building a list is crucial for any business.

Leads are a key factor when it comes to building a business. Businesses may develop their client base, gain more market share, and ultimately expand their operations by continuously producing and turning leads into customers.

Leads can also be used as a source of insightful feedback and market research. Businesses may improve their products, services, and marketing tactics by connecting with leads and learning more about their requirements, preferences, and problem points.


Get the entire picture of We got friends here.



The compensation plan

Earn Commissions From Team Effort after the first order is paid out in
Fast Start, each additional order is paid in the Twin Turbo Dual Team structure.

The Dual Team Pays 20%

$12 Per 60bv – 60bv

On your right and left teams


As your team grows, you can receive Twin Turbo Dual Team commissions from not only those
sales you have personally referred but from the purchases of the people they and others have
referred as well. “Twin Turbo Dual Team” means two; simply having two teams, a left team and
a right team built from you and your team who add new IC sales. Earn $12 (20%) for each
Active Qualified IC sale on your lesser team. These commissions are paid weekly* with a
$25,000 cap.

How To Qualify:
You must have at least one personally referred wholesale Active Qualified sale on your left
team and at least one on your right team. You earn $12 for each 60 BV-generated sales
volume on your left and right teams. With no flushing, all unused volume carries over to the
following week until it is paid out.

IC's are required to have a minimum of 3 Diamond Starter Pkg sales, one of which can be
your own purchase. IC's must maintain one (1) Active Qualified personal WGF Lead Store
Retail Customer each month. This requirement must be attained within a 60-day grace
period. All Commissions are subject to each IC reaching the requirements.


Matching bonus

We Got Friends ICs can earn an additional 7% Matching Bonus. A 5% matching bonus is
paid on the sales volume of all personally sponsored paid members. A 2% matching bonus is paid
on the sales volume of all 2nd generation ICs in your personal sponsorship tree. This
matching bonus is generated from all 1st and 2nd generation WGF IC Twin Turbo Dual
Team Commissions in your personal sponsorship tree.



My honest opinion is that members get a lot of business building tools and asserts with We got friends. The compensation plan is very good as well. And it costs less then $100 to get a complete online business. For $89 dollars you get access to all that I have mentioned in this We got friends tutorial. I believe this is a good business to get involved with for both newbies and more experienced marketers. Because if you are a beginner or for any other reasons you do not have a list, then this is a business where you can build that list pretty fast.

What are your opions onm We got friends? Are you already a member? How do you generate your leads?

Feel free to lerave your comments below.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

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